Is Kawaki A Hero Or A Villain?

Is Kawaki A Hero Or A Villain?

Kawaki is a member of Kara, raised by Jigen as a vessel for Isshiki Otsutsuki. He poses as an antagonist in Boruto.

Kawaki has black hair with an undercut of blonde color. He has “IX” under his left eye.

The seal of Karma is in the shape of a diamond that can extend all the way up from his arm to his face.

Having been through abuse by his father and then experimented by Kara, he is hostile toward new people.

However, after meeting Naruto and the Uzumaki family Kawaki has significantly changed.

Kawaki of Kara

Kawaki’s birth father was an abusive alcoholic, who would beat him as a child.

Jigen, a member of Kara, bought him a large sum of money and took him to Kara’s hideout.

In the hideout, the scientist believed that he can forcefully receive Karma into his body.

Other children were also experimented upon. All but Kawaki died.

a young man fighting his enemies

Kawaki received in the palm of his left hand the seal of Karma. Kara uses him to make him a vessel for Isshiki Otsutsuki.

He went through a series of changes and became a weapon for Kara.

Inorganic technology replaced the nervous system and blood vessels in his body.

Kawaki in Konohagakure

Kawaki was transported by Kara through an airship. But the ship goes down outside Konohagakure.

He fights several robotic puppets and when Team 7 reaches the spot they find him unconscious.

He wakes up shortly and finds Boruto with the seal of Karma. Soon, Garo finds him and tells him that he will take Kawaki back to Kara.

He defeats Garo with his new power and once again he falls unconscious. Team 7 brings him to Konoha Hospital.

After he wakes up in Konoha Hospital he tries to run away thinking that they will experiment upon him.

Shikamaru stops him and promises him that no one will harm him in Konohagakure. He is then taken to the Uzumaki household.

He has trouble adjusting in their house as seen, he flips the kitchen table and makes another attempt to escape.

However, this time he gives up after seeing the power of the Seventh Hokage. Naruto also promises him that no one will harm him here.

Kawaki then makes effort as you can see him trying to glue back the vase made by Himawari, which he broke when he flipped the table.

He also helps Boruto with the use of Karma.

Time Skip

Destroyed Konohagakure four years since the beginning, the series shows Kawaki and Boruto fighting on the Hokage Rock.

He tells Boruto that he will send him where he ‘sent the Seventh Hokage’.

a young man threatening his enemy

Kawaki in the beginning seems to despise shinobi.

His aim was to end the era of shinobi and that is what he tells Boruto.

Boruto tells him that Kawaki is still a shinobi.

In the time skip, he has a violet scarf and belt with white overalls and a black vast trench coat as his outfit.

Well, there is not much to say about Kawaki other than chapter 47 in Boruto reveals that he is saved from becoming a host.

This development makes it even more mysterious as to why he attacked Konoha.

Let’s keep on watching the series. Whatever happens, the series never fails to amuse us. ୧☉□☉୨

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