Is Khun In Love with Baam?

Is Khun In Love with Baam?

Tower of God doesn’t need any introduction. The popular South Korean Webtoon is immensely populated worldwide. Khun Aguero Agnes is one of the main characters in Tower of God.

Baam, Khun, and Rak are close friends who started climbing the tower in search of something. Let’s Explore more about Khun Tower of God and what his motives are!!! Be careful though contains a lot of spoilers. So walk away if you are not in it for spoilers!

Who is Khun?

Khun Ageuro Agnes is one of the main protagonists of Tower of God. He is a C- rank regular who entered the tower in search of power. 

He wanted to replace the current family head of the Khun Family. His dad, Khun Eduan is the present family head.

Is Khun a Ranker?

Khun started climbing the tower as an F-rank regular. He climbed the tower with Baam, Rak, Androssi, Leesoo, and others. 

Presently Khun is a C-rank regular who is busy fighting off Jahard and his cronies. Khun is really capable, strong and the brains of Team Baam. 

His exceptional thinking capacity and ability to use the lighthouse to his advantage are commendable.

Why did Khun Climb The Tower?

Khun climbed the tower to surpass his father Khun Eduan. When he meets Baam, he slowly starts to change.

His reason to climb the tower also changes in due time. He wants to become powerful and to replace Eduan to become the next family head. Khun wanted power and revenge for Baam.

His motivation changed, and now he wants to climb the tower with Baam and his friends.

Who does Khun love in the Tower of God?

There have been no romantic hints or relationships for Khun Aguero Agnes. Khun does not have any love interest in the Tower of God. Maybe, in the Future SIU might create a potential love interest for Khun. As of now, Khun’s full attention is on Baam and his team, to climb the tower with his friends.

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Khun’s feelings have never been romantic towards Baam, at least not so far. However, Khun cares a great deal about Baam.

In the beginning, when he saw Baam, He was curious. Khun relates to loneliness when he sees Baam.

He was moved by Baam’s devotion and sincerity for Rachel. In the series, Khun has expressed intense reactions towards Baam. He is very protective of Baam and would do anything to keep him safe.

Later, in the webtoon, Khun says that he cannot fathom living in a world without Baam.

He calls Baam his reason to live. Khun has fierce loyalty and devotion towards Baam. The feelings Khun has are not romantic, but something that transcends any relation can go. Is it Love? Is it something else?

Who knows; but whatever Khun feels towards Baam, it's the purest form of love that one can express and for that, Khun deserves a great deal of respect.

He loves Baam without expecting anything back.

The Khun Family

The Khun family is the most influential 10 families in the tower. Khun Eduan is the head of the Khun family.

Eduan is said to be the strongest Khun. He also aided Jahard in the quest to capture the tower.

Khun Eduan has many children and Khun Aguero Agnes is one of his children. Khun is from the branch family and his mom was not that prominent.

Is Khun Stronger Than Ran?

Without a doubt, Khun is stronger than Ran. Ran is a gifted, genius from the Khun family but no one comes Closer to Khun.

Khun Aguero Agnes definitely is stronger and smarter in comparison to Ran. Ran is extremely short-tempered and quickly gives in to provocation.

Khun Aguero Agnes has proven his wits and skills in the series so many times that we can barely keep track.

On the comparison scale, Khun definitely wins. Khun is a powerful light-bearer but he also has an affinity for spear-bearer.

Why was Khun Abandoned?

Khun’s sister was chosen to become a Jahard princess. Well, that’s where all the problems started to appear. 

Maria asked Khun’s help to become the Jahard Princess. Khun thought that Maria was more suitable to become the princess rather than her own sister. 

He sided with Maria and helped her win. His betrayal towards her sister was too much. Khun’s cousin sister Kiseia hates Khun and is nearly bloodthirsty to kill him. 

Khun’s act of betrayal was the main reason why Khun was abandoned. The entire Branch family was cut off.

Khun's Relationships

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Khun is close friends with Baam and Rak.

They met on the floor of the test and become friends. Initially, they didn’t have anything in common and neither of them liked each other.

Rak said he wanted to hurt the turtles.

Rak calls them blue and black turtles. Khun is the blue turtle in question! Their friendship is one of the best parts of the Tower of God. Khun and Rak bicker a lot and he calls Rak a gator, alligator, and some other aliases.

The bickering between Rak and Khun is really adorable. One thing that both of them have in common is that they deeply care about Baam.

Both Rak and Khun have displayed anger, disgust, and hate towards Rachel. Rachel had used Baam way too many times.

Khun and Rak were extremely sad when Baam died on the floor of the test. Baam means the world to Khun.

Khun has also said that he views Baam as more important than his own life. He is willing to sacrifice his life for Baam.

Khun also implied that he was ready to take any risk if it was for Baam. on the other hand, Baam also cares equally about Khun.

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