Is Mikasa Tenji in Love with Katagiri Yuichi?

Is Mikasa Tenji in Love with Katagiri Yuichi?

One of the coolest Shounen psychological thriller anime Tomodachi Game (Friends Game) is quite unpredictable. Katagiri Yuichi is a cunning protagonist who was trapped in the Tomodachi game by Mikasa Tenji. Mikasa Tenji’s actions have been anything but weird so far.

Besides Katagiri Yuichi and Mikasa Tenji, Swaragi Shiho, Kokorogi Yutori, and Shibe Makoto are trapped in Tomodachi Game. Mikasa Tenjo has been weirdly obsessed with Sawargi Shiho since the beginning.

His motives were previously unclear. In a sudden twist of fate, Mikasa Tenji kissed Katagiri Yuichi at the end of the second game. What was Mikasa Tenji thinking? Is Mikasa Tenji in Love with Katagiri Yuichi? Then why was Mikasa Tenji hounding Sawaragi Shiho?

What is Mikasa Tenji’s equation with Sawaragi Shiho?

It was shown that Mikasa Tenji and Sawaragi Shiho were once engaged in middle school. Their parents were mutual friends. From the looks of it, Mikasa Tenji liked Sawaragi Shiho but the feelings were not mutual it seems.

Their engagement was broken off for reasons unknown or clearly specified. In the flashbacks, Mikasa Tenji had close friends and they knew Sawaragi Shiho as well. Something happened and Mikasa Tenji’s friends transferred from the school. In an accident, Mikasa Tenji’s father passed away.

Why did Mikasa Tenji join Tomodachi Game?

a guy talking with his dad

It wasn’t the first rodeo for Mikasa Tenji to play the Tomodachi Game. Mikasa Tenji went to Tomodachi Game when his friends signed up for the game to make quick cash.

Weirdly enough, his friends were infatuated with Sawaragi Shiho and somehow all of them ended up betraying Mikasa Tenji. This explains the huge burden of debt.

The game isn’t the end or beginning of misery, it’s an eternal nightmare. According to the rules, Mikasa Tenji can’t disclose what happened in the game to anyone else.

Unfortunately, Mikasa Tenji told his dad about everything and later his dad passed away mysteriously. Mikasa Tenji was convinced Sawaragi Shiho was at the center of the conspiracy. He signed everyone in the next installment of Tomodachi Game to corner Sawaragi Shiho to get some answers.

Well, this doesn't really excuse the stalking behavior and how he wanted to break the friendship of everyone. Well, desperate times call for desperate actions. At this point, Swaragi Shiho indeed looks suspicious.

Why did Mikasa Tenji Kiss Katagiri Yuichi?

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At the end of the second game, it was clear that Katagiri Yuichi will end up taking the debt and saving others. Katagiri Yuichi advanced to the third game alone leaving others behind and winning the second game.

Mikasa Tenji was desperate and couldn’t part with Katagiri Yuichi before getting the answers. The only way from this hell was to go together with Katagiri Yuichi.

What can Mikasa Tenji do in this situation where the penalty is implied only on Katagiri Yuichi for lying? To break the rules and go together, Mikasa Tenji kissed Katagiri Yuichi.

Is Mikasa Tenji in love with Katagiri Yuichi?

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It was weird that Mikasa Tenji kept hounding Sawargi Shiho. It was a romantic interest at first, but later developed as suspicion, betrayal, and wanting to get revenge on her. Mikasa Tenji confessed at Tomodachi Game that he had feelings for Katagiri Yuichi.

The kiss was a definite way to prove his feelings and affection. This was seen as a contradiction from the earlier badmouthing session where he said he liked Sawaragi Shiho.

The sudden confession was counted as true negating the previous one as fake. Hence the penalty was slapped on Mikasa Tenji and he advanced to the third game with Katagiri Yuichi.

The kiss was a definite way to prove that Mikasa Tenji liked Katagiri Yuichi and not Sawaragi Shiho. However, this was just a lie to go together with Katagiri Yuichi and Mikasa Tenji doesn’t like him romantically.

Mikasa Tenji later apologized and explained the situation. It’s funny how there are cameras everywhere and when Mikasa Tenji explained everything including the lie, how did Manabu Kun not detect it? So, in conclusion, no they are not in love. They are friends now turned frenemies at best as they want to get out of the "Tomodachi Game" to explore the trap.

Anyways, Mikasa Tenji doens’t love Katagiri Yuichi. The kiss was a façade to trick the moderators and end up in the next game together.

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