Is Sasaki Turning into a Toxic Potential Lover for Miyano?

Sasaki confessed his feelings to Miyano. Sometimes Sasaki's feelings can be hard to interpret, but is he becoming a toxic potential lover for Miyano?

Is Sasaki Turning into a Toxic Potential Lover for Miyano?

Sasaki to Miyano's story shows the lives of Sasaki Shuumei and Miyano Yoshikazu. Miyano was struggling due to the confession from Sasaki as he didn’t know what to feel.

The reason for his struggle was that he wasn’t prepared for the sudden development and never expected this to happen. Often Sasaki can give nasty looks to people around Miyano, especially Taiga Hirano and Jirou Ogasawara.

Although Sasaki doesn’t have malice towards them, he can’t help his overpowering feelings and possessiveness towards Miyano that when he sees unrecognised people trying to get Miyano’s attention, Sasaki acts weird.

This can be concerning because we know how possessive and toxic lovers can be. The biggest question is whether Sasaki is turning into a toxic potential lover for Miyano? Is Sasaki crossing the boundary and getting close to the toxic line? Is Sasaki’s behavior a red flag or there’s something more to this?

Miyano’s Feelings

It’s a well-established fact that Miyano had a complex about his face and looks in general. A girl he used to like in the past commented about his face. She (Makimura) even wanted him to crossdress.

This fact tormented Miyano and made him lose confidence, and even become anxious to a certain extent.

However, was that all Miyano’s thinking? Did he misunderstand the situation? Later when he coincidentally met her again, the situation was cleared up.

The girl wanted him to cross-dress to become her model. She didn’t really mean anything else. Miyano and her ex-crush were talking when Sasaki saw them at a distance.

jealous and suprised guy holds him

Miyano and Makimura were trying to measure their hands (palm) when Miyano grabbed Sasaki and said “Don’t”.

Sasaki couldn’t control his emotions and grabbed Miyano for a run (literally). Although Sasaki later apologized and told Miyano that he felt nervous (and perhaps a bit jealous) when he saw them together. He even apologized for “getting in their way”.

It was nice to see Miyano immediately clear it up. Sasaki even asked Miyano whether he still had feelings for her. To this Miyano calmly replied that maybe in the past he did have feelings, he doesn’t feel anything right now.

Sasaki actually reflects on his behaviour and expresses that he doesn’t want to be rough towards someone he likes (Miyano). This actually showed that Sasaki wasn’t trying to be rude, but at the same time, he couldn’t control the feeling of possessiveness towards Miyano.

Miyano and the Festival Dress up

The cultural festival was up and every class was eyeing the prize. Miyano's class was trying to win the Cross-Dressing competition where everyone nominates Miyano as a candidate.

Tasuku Kuresawa agreed to become the backup candidate, but it was mostly Miyano who was competing. Their class was eager to win and go to any extent to secure the win even if it meant forcing Miyano against his will. Somehow Miyano was dealing with it a lot better than he thought.

Miyano didn’t feel it right to turn them down and agreed to become part of the contest. The Chairman of the student president council, Masato Hanzawa was particularly having fun and found the situation amusing.

Hanzawa agreed to help Miyano with the competition. He prepared his customer and makeup and helped Miyano do a test run. Meanwhile, Miyano still has to reply to Sasaki’s confession.

It was surprising because Sasaki didn’t push or rush Miyano for a response. He was willing to wait and wanted Miyano to think it over.

Had Sasaki been toxic, would he have waited? Would Sasaki still be kind towards Miyano? It doesn’t seem like Sasaki is a toxic potential lover for Miyano, yet.

Miyano and Sasaki’s Struggle

Miyano got dressed up as Hanzawa helped him. With the makeup and dressing, Miyano completely transformed. Miyano was still conflicted so he decided to consult Hanzawa.

Whether Hanzawa is aware of the situation between Sasaki and Miyano is still a mystery, but maybe, Hanzawa could sense the tension between them. Miyano asked him “What does it mean to like someone?” Hanzawa calmly replied that it depends from person to person.

After Hanzawa stepped out, Sasaki visited Miyano. Miyano didn’t seem pleased about the situation and was almost angry. According to Sasaki, he questioned Miyano whether he was getting pressured to participate in the contest. As soon as he said this, Sasaki had an instant regret because that was not the tone he ever talked to Miyano.

Sasaki realised that he messed up and immediately apologised. Was Saski being controlling, manipulative or toxic here? Actually, it’s the opposite.

Sasaki was actually worried about Miyano and Miyano realised it. Sasaki hugged Miyano because he was unable to control his feelings and said “You don’t fight fair”.

Sasaki asked Miyano if he could reconsider entering the competition. However, Later, Sasaki mentioned that he was only half-joking about it and not taking it seriously.

When Miyano met Sasaki again he explained the situation that cross-dressing doesn’t bother him anymore. His friends and classmates are supporting him, so he made the decision without any pressure.

Miyano wanted to do for himself. Surprisingly, Sasaki supported Miyano and even wished him luck. So thankfully, Sasaki is not a toxic potential lover for Miyano. Sasaki supports and respects every decision Miyano makes and gives him his space and freedom.

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