Is Skip Beat Season 2 Possible or Not?

Is Skip Beat Season 2 Possible or Not?

Skip Beat is a popular Shoujo Manga-turned anime. The Skip Beat series started serialization in 2002. Fans were excited when Skip Beat Anime Season 1 was released in 2008.

Skip Beat is a popular Shoujo series that is popular for both male and female viewers. Skip Beat Season 1 ended abruptly and left fans thirsty for more.

Will we get Skip Beat Season 2? Skip Beat revolves around Kyoko Mogami, Tsuruga Ren, and Sho Fuwa. Why won’t Japan give us Season 2 anytime soon? Let’s find out.

Skip Beat Season 2 – Possible or Not?

Skip Beat by Yoshiki Nakamura has been popular for over two decades and the craze doesn’t seem to be going down. Not any time soon though, as the manga is immensely popular among people of different ages.

The Skip Beat series is much more than a typical Shoujo manga. Skip Beat was so popular, a live-action adaptation drama series was made by Taiwan.

Skip Beat! Live-action Drama

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Taiwanese Drama Extravagant Challenge

Skip Beat! Live-action was made by Taiwan in 2011.

The Taiwanese drama aired from 18th December 2011 – 1st April 2012. The drama had 15 episodes which covered nearly similar material to the anime.

Skip Beat! Starred Ivy Chen as Kyoko Mogami. Popular Kpop Idols from Super Junior Choi Si Won and Lee Dong Hae starred as Tsuruga Ren and Sho Fuwa.

The drama was well adapted and fans can watch it because there’s no Skip Beat season 2! The live-action was well made and has many hilarious elements that people can enjoy.

Although a bit exaggerated, the Taiwanese drama remained faithful to the original manga.

The main leads did a good job portraying their manga/anime counterparts. The OST and Soundtrack were good.

The live-action Skip Beat is also known as the Extravagant Challenge!

Where does the Skip Beat Anime End?

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The anime stopped at the Dark Moon series arc. Tsuruga Ren and Kyoko Mogami started falling for each other. It ended around chapters 70-71.

Do start reading the manga to check out more about Skip Beat! A lot has happened and fans can only hope that Japan gives us Skip Beat Season 2 soon!

Has the Skip Beat Manga Ended?

The manga has not ended and it’s still ongoing. 46 volumes have been released in Japan till 2021. There are 291 chapters to date.

No one knows when the manga would end, but like all good things, Skip Beat shall end as well. Fans can only hope to see an ending anytime soon in the future!

Does Kyoko End up with Ren?

The fandom is divided into two ships. Kyoko-Ren and Kyoko-Sho. No one except the Mangaka knows who will be the final ship.

Will Kyoko ends up with Ren is still a 50-50 chance right now. Tsuruga Ren and Sho Fuwa are both competing to get Kyoko’s affection. So fans are in suspense as to who will end up with Kyoko.

Is There Romance in Skip Beat?

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Although it’s a Shoujo Series, romance is not the main focus of Skip Beat.

The story revolves around Kyoko, who is pursuing the show biz and making a name for herself. The romance is barely there, so fans might be disappointed.

Tsuruga Ren likes Kyoko Mogami but won’t admit his feelings. Kyoko mistakes her love for admiration and respect. Meanwhile, Sho is jealous and feels possessive of Kyoko. But no one is making the move.

How Long has Skip Beat been around?

It’s not surprising to know that Skip Beat has been around for over 19 years. That’s almost two decades. Most of the fans have grown up with Skip Beat.

The fans jokingly say that they might perish before they get to see the ending! We sure hope that’s not the case. Skip Beat had a good run and is still continuing to do so.

Will There Be a Skip Beat Season 2?

Presently there has been no announcement for Season 2. The manga is also ongoing and way ahead.

There’s too much material from which a new season can be easily launched. It’s up to Japan to release a new season or not.

The chances of a new season in 2024 are slim. As for the future, we might get a new season if the Mangaka, the studio, and production houses agree.

Fans deserve Skip Beat Season 2. The series is popular, however, the series is declining and the quality is staggering.

There are good arcs in Skip Beat that are a must-watch for every Skip Beat fan. Getting a new season would be a blessing and gift to the fans worldwide.

Fans have been constantly signing petitions for a new season but no one knows when Japan decides to hear the fans’ cries and pleas.

The Devil is a Part-Timer got a new season in 2021, almost after 8 years, so all hopes are not lost for Skip Beat.

Even Bleach is returning for a final season after so many years. Card Captors released a new season almost after 20 years. Even Fruit basket had a reboot.

So fans can still keep little hope that in the future there might be Skip Beat Season 2.