Is Tomo Chan Wa Onnonako Worth The Read?

Is Tomo Chan Wa Onnonako Worth The Read?

Tomo-Chan wa Onnonako also known as Tomo Chan is a Girl, is a light-hearted rom-com shounen manga. It was released in 2000 and written by Yanagida Fumita. Yanagida Fumita is a Japanese author most famous for Tomo Chan is a Girl. What makes Tomo Chan wa Onnonako manga fun to read is the relatability to Tomo chan. She’s a regular teen girl who has a crush on her childhood best friend, Junichirou Kubotu. She is tomboyish, often mistaken for a boy, and goes through tomboy misadventures all the time.

The story focuses on their relationship which blossoms from friendship into lovers. Tomo chan is an air-headed muscle head who speaks with her fists. Junichirou and Tomo have similar personalities. Each chapter is a page short and the story gets more exciting as you read on. It focuses on the queer-platonic friendship between Tomo Chan and Junichirou Kubotu.

This coming-of-age manga hilariously depicts Tomo Chan’s everyday struggle to get Junichirou to notice her as a girl. She has doting parents and she’s very similar to her father. The story unfolds in an eventful manner from their everyday friendship to realising their feelings for each other and finally becoming romantically involved. She’s an earnest, kind-hearted, and straightforward girl who’s not afraid to be herself.

Halfway into the story, Junichirou reveals that he had feelings for her since a young age. They just went through a tough time communicating it with each other. Deeper into the story, Tomo and Junichirou are forced into circumstantial misunderstandings caused by her friends Misuzu and Carol. The story revolves around Tomo’s relationships with her friends and her crush. While they have always been aware of each other as the opposite gender, they find it hard to confess to each other.

Junichirou’s not-so-subtle ways of protecting her from anyone who threatens her just showed how much of a sweet guy he is. They love competing with each other. Tomo Chan’s inner turmoil of being “girly” versus being herself showed a realistic scenario of what a highschool girl goes through. My favorite part of this manga was when Tomo matured into a girl who was able to communicate through her way instead of outer influence.

Overall, Tomo Chan wa Onnonako is an entertaining manga packed with hilariousness in every chapter. The plotline of the story is straightforward and easy to understand. Although it contains 900+ chapters, it is an enjoyable read for the rom-com lovers out there.