Is Ushio A Shadow?

The show was quite filled with the shadow curse which gave us real anxiety. However is Ushio also a shadow?

Is Ushio A Shadow?

Summertime Rendering's fourth episode is titled "Jamais Vu," which refers to the phenomenon of knowing someone or something while being unsure of who or what they are. This describes Shinpei's experience in this episode when he meets Ushio again, for whom he had just attended a funeral. Ushio should have died, but she didn't.

Following on from the previous episode, the two share a lovely moment in front of the beach, with fireworks lighting up the night sky. Shinpei is losing his mind at the same time because this Ushio has the same expressions, behaviour, and emotions as the Ushio he knew. She even appears to recall everything from the past, including the agonizing drowning incident that led to her death.

This surprises her because she has no idea if she's a ghost or what she's doing here. According to the Swampman Thought Experiment findings, she could be the real Ushio because she has a history behind her thoughts, consciousness, and behaviour.

Ushio confesses her love for Shinpei, saying that the last thing she remembers is wishing she could see him again. She gets too excited about being with Shinpei again and runs off to the festival to have some fun as Shinpei questions this mysterious Ushio. Shinpei catches up with her and tries to hide her, but Mio calls him on his cell phone, and he rushes back to the group to explain where he's been, leaving Ushio behind.

Is Ushio Really A Shadow, or Is She Still Alive?

The main human and her shadow in white and black t-shirts

This Shadow Ushio appears to be very different from the other Shadows viewers have met so far, though she may be a shadow or a copy, as she appears to be wearing a seashell necklace. She doesn't appear to have any hidden motives or plans.

Although Ushio appears to have retained all her memories until her death, she does not recall telling Shinpei to protect Mio as she did in Episode 1. Could the Ushio from the beginning of the series have been the Shadow Ushio, and this one the true one? She has also shown no signs of glitching, as seen in previous Shadows seen by viewers.

When Shadow Shinpei grabs her, she panics and asks who he is. The two appear to be at odds. Shadow Shinpei, on the other hand, appears to recognize this Ushio, as he asks her, "Why didn't you listen to me?" Shadow Shinpei believes that this Ushio is a shadow and has no intention of switching. This Ushio may be unable to switch because she is the real Ushio, alive and well.

It's also odd that this Ushio realizes she's died but doesn't understand why she's returned. Perhaps she didn't really die, or perhaps there is no such thing as death in this context. It's possible that when someone dies in the world of Summertime Rendering, they pass on into the fourth dimension of time and find their way back.

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