Who Is Itadori Yuji’s Love Interest?

Minor spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen anime and manga. You have been warned!

Who Is Itadori Yuji’s Love Interest?

I do not throw around the word masterpiece frequently. However, when I say Jujutsu Kaisen is a shonen masterpiece, I mean it. The show and the manga is peak shonen and Gege Akutami deserves all the awards and then some for creating it.

The action-packed story flows smoothly, subverting or playing up popular anime tropes in a fresh, nuanced manner. Out of many things that set Jujutsu Kaisen apart, its absence of romantic sub-plots is a significant one.

The Jujutsu Kaisen characters of all genders are very appealing and often discuss love and romance. However, actual romantic plot threads are few and far in between.

I’m taking that as a hint for Akutami Sensei’s hidden desire to tease us with what we can not have. Anyway, let’s talk about best boy Itadori Yuji and if he has any love interests.

Before we get into actual discussions let’s first briefly discuss and discard the ineligible candidates.

  1. All Jujutsu Kaisen Men- This isn’t going to stop fan-fic writers (and neither should it) but Itadori is coded straight as far as I can tell.
  2. Cursed Spirits/Objects- Itadori isn’t Yuta Okkotsu (I will accept going to anime hell for making this statement)
  3. Maki Zenin- The queen is out of everyone’s league (Plus she has her own avenger thing going on, leave her alone)
  4. Kyoto girls- There hasn’t been much interaction between Itadori and the girls from Kyoto Jujutsu Tech (I just cannot picture high-school Itadori being very good at Long-distance relationships considering he could not even bid his old high school friends a proper goodbye)
  5. Mei Mei or Shoko Ieri - Itadori is a 15-year-old high school student (crime alert)

With that out of the way, let’s get into the thick of it.

Does Nobara Like Itadori?

Yes of course she does, they are ride or die, but also, no! The long and short of it is, the two have a lot of platonic love for each other. From the very first time the two interact with each other, they form a very dynamic chemistry instantly.

As the story progresses and they spend more fights together, the two grow to care deeply for each other. In the earlier chapters of the manga, when Nobara learns Itadori has seemingly died at Sukuna’s hands, she cries, having known Itadori for a relatively short time at that point.

The two always have each other back and would go to great lengths to protect each other. None of it is an indication of any future romantic entanglement between the two.

When asked if there was something going on between the two in chapter 64 of the manga, Nobara answered a firm “no” before the question was completed.

Is that an indication of a genuine “over my dead body” sentiment or a hidden crush? You decide. I personally would prefer for them to stay friends until the end of the story and beyond if they even survive that is.

Who is Itadori’s Crush?

In chapter 64 of Jujutsu Kaisen, Nobara is approached by Ozawa Yuko, an ex-schoolmate of Itadori. She has had a crush on Itadori since her middle school days, owing to it to his genuinely kind and honest nature.

Nobara calls in Fushiguro to get insights into Itadori’s existing love life. Fushiguro hypothesizes, Itadori probably does not have a girlfriend because-

  1. He had no issues in moving to Tokyo and did so immediately.
  2. He has some inappropriate posters hanging in his room that usually teenage girlfriends would not approve of.

a man and a women standing awkwardly

I am not one to argue with such solid reasoning. After Yuko and Nobara hear Itadori is into tall girls, (Yuko happens to be tall), Nobara calls Itadori immediately.

Itadori recognizes Yuko immediately to the surprise of Nobara and Fushiguro. However, Yuko isn’t able to say much of anything let alone ask for his number.

Yuko Ozawa is never mentioned again, so that’s neither here nor there. That concludes the synopsis of Itadori Yuji’s love interest. So far Itadori doesn’t seem to show any active romantic interest in any of the significant characters and vice versa.

However, there is a lot of stories still left, and going forward, things might change for our protagonist, romance-wise. Until then he’s always got Jennifer Lawrence to fantasize about.