Top 5 Pervy Moments of Jiraiya

Top 5 Pervy Moments of Jiraiya

Jiraiya was one of the three Legendary Sannin of Konoha. With phenomenal skills, he travelled throughout the world in search of information that would help the world of ninjas.

He was the teacher of Minato, Nagato, and ultimately Naruto. Jiraiya taught the true meaning of being a ninja to Naruto along with many other techniques. He took care of Naruto like his grandson. Also, he earned the name ‘Ero Sennin’ from Naruto.

1. Naruto Meets Him for the First Time

As Naruto was practising chakra control with Ebisu, Ebisu realizes an old man is spying on a women’s bathhouse. The old man was none other than Jiraiya who knocks Ebisu with a single blow when he goes to catch him. Naruto then approaches Jiraiya to be his master but he runs away. Naruto runs through the town to find Ero Sennin.

He hears a girl calling a man pervert and stops. Realizing he is the pervy sage, Naruto again approaches him to be his master. After trying a lot, Naruto uses his sexy Jutsu. Jiraiya agrees at once after seeing the transformation. He also tells Naruto to be in that form during the training. Naruto realizes he is a big pervert from then on.

2. Jiraiya in the Hot Springs

old man at the hot springs

When Tsunade informs Jiraiya, that the Hot Springs are a mixed one. He quickly agrees to visit it. Upon reaching the hot springs, he finds out that although it is both for men and women, he was the only one there. Waiting for women to come, he meets female monkeys. He waits longer for women to come so that he can have a bath with them.

But instead of women, sumo wrestlers come. Upon waiting later, women do come in to take a bath. But they all were very old and not exciting for the pervy sage.

3. Jiraiya Peeps Into the Women’s baths from a Young Age

When Jiraiya Orochimaru and Tsunade were all together in a team under the third Hokage. He tells Orochimaru to stand guard while he peeps into the women’s hot bath. The pervy sage as a child got excited after seeing the view but Orochimaru leaves as he does not enjoy this. Soon after, an old woman throws hot water at him while he was enjoying the view.

4. He gets Beaten to Near-Death by Tsunade

old man running for his life

While trying to peek at the girls in the hot springs, Tsunade beats Jiraiya to near death. His six ribs, and both of his arms get broken. Along with this, several of the internal organs gets severely damaged. Another instance in which the pervy sage gets a beating for his actions.

5. His Research For His Novels

Whether it is research for his novels or gathering data for some high-rank missions. Jiraiya gets it by spying on beautiful women. Despite his high success as a novelist, this fact did not stop him from taking Naruto's money when he got the chance and spending it on alcohol and women.

In multiple instances, many characters including Sakura from the show call him a pervert. Jiraiya acknowledges that he is not just a pervert but a super pervert.

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