Jiraiya Sensei, The Legendary #1 Sannin That Shines

Jiraiya Sensei, The Legendary #1 Sannin That Shines

Jiraiya Sensei is the Toad Sage and one of the legendary Sannin from the Naruto series. If you are familiar with the popular anime/manga series “Naruto” or “Naruto Shippuden” it’s nearly impossible to not remember Jiraiya sensei.

No one can ever forget the devastating and ravaging battle between Jiraiya sensei vs Akatsuki’s Pain. Just thinking about the epic fight instills panic and goosebumps. I can still remember the heart-breaking scenes and the anime opening, good enough to bring me to tears.

Before we delve any further, beware, this might contain potential spoilers, so proceed with caution if you still haven’t watched Naruto/Naruto Shippuden. Maybe now’s a perfect time to finish watching the series.

If I have to pick a character who I could revive that would be Jiraiya. Of course, that’s not possible, and using a re-animate Jutsu would be a horrible and disrespectful way toward sensei. Seriously RIP my heart into pieces.



Infamously known as “Toad sage” and “Pervy Sage”, Jiraiya sensei had trained several mentees over the years. Under the mentorship of Hiruzen Sarutobi, he was a member of the Genin team with Tsunade and Orochimaru.

He also participated in the second shinobi war with his former teammates and legendary Sannins, Tsunade and Orochimaru. Surviving the battle after a fight with Hanzo the salamander, they were awarded the title “The Legendary Sannin of Konoha.”

Jiraiya was a potential Hokage candidate but he did not accept the position, later Minato Namikaze became the 4th Hokage. It was he who taught Rasengan and Sage mode to Naruto.


jiraiya abilities

Jiraiya sensei had several powerful abilities (Jutsus) under his belt. He was well versed with Taijutsu and had incredible stamina, strength, and speed.

He possesses many deadly techniques, impressive summoning jutsus and killer moves like Toad oil bullet, Toad Goad Prison Barrier, Flame bullet, Toad oil fireball, Rasengan, Sage Mode, etc.

Summoning Gamabunta is not a cakewalk. Gamabunta is the Chief Toad of Mount Myoboku who is arguably quite strong. Summoning him requires a massive amount of chakra. Teaming up with him makes sensei even more dangerous.


He has a colourful personality which makes him one of the fan favourites throughout the series. Although extremely powerful, he is humble and kind towards everyone.

The only letdown was his ultimate perversion and voyeurism which made him unchallenged and unrivalled in that aspect, he had acknowledged that. Well, no one can be perfect, Neither is sensei.

He truly wished for world peace and hoped that one day the world will be violence-free. He was an author and wrote many novels; remember the infamous books Kakashi read? Yep, without a doubt, he had penned them down. Taking a moment of silence for remembering that!

Jiraiya Sensei's Relationship With Other Characters

Jiraiya teaching Rasengan to Naruto
Jiraiya teaching Rasengan to Naruto

Jiraiya mentored Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko when he saved them during the second Shinobi war. He also trained Minato, the fourth Hokage along with Naruto.

It’s safe to assume that Jiraiya was the godfather of Naruto, he cared about him. One of the reasons why Naruto never gets astray was because of the positive influence of Jiraiya over him.

Jiraya has unrequited feelings towards Tsunade, which till the end were never returned. He would instantly get beaten up by her if he even dared to mention his feelings, but nothing ever stopped him from crushing over Tsunade.

What if Naruto never met Jiraiya?

Jiraiya & naruto
Jiraiya & Naruto

Jiraiya sensei had a positive impact on Naruto. Don’t let sensei’s perviness fool you. The legendary Sanin trained Naruto to perfect the Sage mode and Rasengan. Jiraiya was his mentor and he treated sensei as his grandfather.


Crying over an anime might seem childish but oh my, how wrong can one be? Yep, you’ve read it right. This is the first anime series that made me overly emotional and yes Jiraiya sensei is mostly responsible for the buckets of tears I shed.

The second-hand embarrassment was legit. Someone cast a wipe-your-memory Jutsu on me if it ever exists! Having watched this series for over a decade, time sure does fly but the mixed feelings remain. To reminisce about him makes me feel like I’m having a meltdown.

naruto and jiraiya

Sensei will always remain a memorable character who needs much more appreciation. The title of sensei is justified. He is a powerful character who gave one hell of a fight till his dying breath.

Even in the face of adversities he never backed down. He made sure to pass the critical information back to Konoha. He was a celebrated hero, a teacher, an author, a traveller, a friend, and a close confidant (to Tsunade).

“I believe that the day will come when people can truly understand each other.”– Jiraiya

Jiraiya Sensei’s quotes are equally heartwarming and powerful. But this quote hit close to home.