What is the June Truth?

What is the truth behind Masaki's death? Ichigo was always plagued by his mother's dead blaming himself.

What is the June Truth?

The moment of confrontation began as Ichigo Kurosaki finally had a sitdown with his father Isshin Kurosaki, the former captain of Squad 10 in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 11 “Everything but the Rain”.

Isshin Shiba met a young Masaki Kurosaki who saved him from the Hollow White and healed him. The complete truth still remains which Ichigo needs to know. Bleach Sennen Kessen-hen Episode 12 “Everything but the Rain, ‘June Truth’” will finally give Ichigo some long-awaited answers.

What exactly is the June Truth? What happened to Masaki Kurosaki and Katagiri? How are Ichigo and Uryu’s parents related? What role did Kisuke Urahara play? What choice did Isshin Kurosaki make?

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 12

meeting attended by top officials

Isshin Shiba reported the incident with White to the head captain Yamamoto and the rest of the captains were present. As usual, Kurotsuchi Mayuri was displeased that Isshin didn’t bring the body for research purposes.

Perceptive as ever, Yamamoto asked Isshin if he reported everything without leaving anything out. Shiba Isshin reported everything except conveniently leaving the part of meeting Quincy Masaki Kurosaki.

Of course, Isshin got to know her name and was wondering who she was. Similarly, Masaki Kurosaki in the human world was somewhat curious about the soul reaper she saved as she didn’t even ask for his name.

Looks like the playfulness Ichigo has was directly received from Isshin’s genes, but he is nevertheless a more serious type compared to his father.

What happened to Masaki Kurosaki?

The aftereffect of the Hollow White was taking a toll on Masaki’s health. The loyal Katagiri reported the incident to Ryuken Ishida’s mother who was not so pleased by the incident. Before arriving home, Masaki briefly met a stranger who was none other than Urahara Kisuke. Guess he’s tagging along and watching everything from the distance.

Ryuken confronted Katagiri as she reported the incident. Katagiri was worried about Quincy’s future and Ryuken and Masaki’s wedding and did it out of loyalty towards the family.

hollow girl dying

They both knew that night the biggest problem was Masaki’s involvement with the hollow which can corrupt her stature as the Etch Quincy. Only Ryuken’s father could cure Masaki, but unfortunately, he was not available.

As Masaki was getting confronted, she suddenly collapsed due to the hollowfication process. A worried Ryuken took her away to seek help but was stopped by a hollow. Thanks to Isshin’s timely arrival, the hollow problem was solved.

As Ryuken was angry and blaming Isshin, Urahara Kisuke appeared and offered to help.

What role did Kisuke Urahara Play in “Everything but the Rain, ‘June Truth’”?

The former Captain of Soul Society Squad 12, Urahara was a research genius. Urahara explained to Isshin and Ryuken what was happening to Masaki as a hollow hole appeared in her body.

Ryuken quickly understand and didn’t need further explaining, so Urahara explained the situation to Isshin. The one who can save Masaki was a Soul Reaper’s power to bind her life as she was a pureblood Quincy.

Ryuken couldn’t help her and only Isshin was the last hope. Masaki can be saved, but she would never revert back to normal. A Shinigami’s soul would be tied to her for as long as she left and even the hollow would be passed to her descendants.

What choice did Isshin Kurosaki make?

Remaining at Masaki’s side meant Isshin would not be able to use his Soul Reaper’s powers. This explained how Isshin lost his power and regained it only after Masaki’s death.

The choice was clear. Without any hesitation, Isshin Shiba decided to give up his life as a Soul Reaper to become human using the Gigai provided by Urahara Kisuke. Isshin Shiba saved Masaki’s soul from the hollow and we did get a good but brief glimpse of Getsuga Tenshou.

man saving the girl

Isshin Shiba became Kurosaki Isshin as he started his new life with Masaki. Masaki left the Ishida household and married Isshin.

Isshin lied to Masaki about how he was banished from Soul Society for breaking laws. It seems like Masaki knew about Isshin lying to her but she never pressed for details.

They were both happy and soon Isshin adopted the life of a human. Isshin used his medical skills and opened the clinic after they settled down. Urahara Kisuke helped Isshin and Masaki settle down.

It was good to see some anime-exclusive scenes as they were not in the manga when Isshin and Masaki went to watch movies and how their romantic lives unfolded.

The rest as we viewers and Ichigo know what happened. After Isshin and Masaki’s wedding, Ichigo was born and shortly after her sister Karin and Yuzu. The hollow and Quincy properties were passed down to Ichigo which explains the hollow White’s powers within him. Isshin’s power was not enough to bind Ichigo’s hollow which explained the later events. The link between Isshin’s Gigai and hollow was broken.

What is the June Truth?

On June 17th, 9 years ago, the death anniversary of Masaki Kurosaki had the real truth which Ichigo was unaware of. Masaki was a strong Quincy who could easily take care of Grand Fisher.

Things became complicated due to Yhwach. Masaki lost her power and became unable to use her Quincy powers due to Auswahlen.

The Quincy selection process described the folklore that the Quincy King requires 900 years to regain his heartbeat, 90 years for sanity, and 9 years for power.

As Yhwach took the power of impure Quincies, both Masaki and Katagiri became the fatalities. Masaki died due to the fight and Katagiri was weak and passed away as well. Yhwach is the one who created Quincy and his power flows through everyone.

Ryuken Ishida and Masaki Kurosaki are cousins. However, they were supposed to get married.

Due to the hollow incident, Masaki ended up marrying Isshin Shiba which dissolved their marriage agreement. Later, Ryuken married Kanae Katagiri who was a Gemischt Quincy, which explains the powers of Ishida Uryu.

Uryu survived the Quincy selection process and therefore became Yhwach’s successor.

Ryuken found evidence that Uryu sided with Yhwach as we see him welcomed by Yhwach and Haschwalt. Uryu Ishida’s betrayal is finally here as we see him in the Quincy Stern Ritter attire.

After listening to the story, Kurosaki Ichigo was ready to return back. Ikumi Unagiya was waiting for Ichigo to return his Soul Reaper pass. Ichigo thanked her and bid his father goodbye. Ichigo was determined to leave and return back soon.

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