Juvia Lockser (Rain Woman) The Elite S-Class Wizard

Juvia Lockser (Rain Woman) The Elite S-Class Wizard

Juvia Lockser from the Fairy Tail series is one of the main female characters.

She’s a former elite S-Class Wizard from The Phantom Lord guild. Juvia plays an active role in kidnapping Lucy Heartfilia.

After the disbandment of The Phantom Lord Guild Juvia Lockser joins the Fairy Tail Guild. Juvia Lockser is a water-based magic user.

She has many aliases like Rain Woman (Amme Onna), Juvia of the Great Sea, and Juvia of the Deep.

Juvia Lockser “The Rain Woman”

As a child, she has a tragic past. Rain would follow her wherever she went.

A sunny day would turn into a rainy one, which started people to shut her out, deeming her ominous who brings rain. That’s how she became the Rain Woman.

Initially, when Juvia was introduced, she was emotionless, gloomy, and kept a distance from everyone.

But after joining Fairy Tail her personality had a lot of change. She became happier and got along well with everyone, although she’s very shy.

Juvia Lockser likes Gray Fullbuster to the point of obsession and she takes anyone as her rival if they are close to him.

She in particular at one took Lucy as her rival and constantly feels threatened by her presence.

She gets easily jealous when other females approach Gray as she views them as potential threats and Love rivals.

It’s interesting to note that at times she refers to herself in the third person.

The Rain Woman believes that water is a part of her with respect to her abilities. The former S-Class Wizard has an interesting way of perception.

“Juvia lives for the ones that she love! You’ve got to as well. If you have love in your life, then you must keep on living!”


Lyon Bastia from Lamia Scale likes Juvia, as it was love at first sight for him. There’s a possible love triangle between Gray-Juvia-Lyon.

Gray has never openly reciprocated Juvia’s feelings, but he hasn’t turned her down explicitly either. Guess there’s still a Gray-Juvia ship to sail!!!

Juvia has a masochistic side as she often asks Gray to punish her when she makes a mistake.

Juvia cares a lot about her guildmates in Fairy Tail. She has a good relationship with the guild members in Fairy Tail.

She is close to Cana Alberona, Lucy Heartfilia, and Gajeel Redfox.

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Gajeel and Juvia were former teammates in the Phantom Lord Guild. After the disbandment, both of them joined Fairy Tail Guild together.

She was accepted by the members of the guild very easily.

This also causes a lot of change in her gloomy personality. She had a happier and cheerful disposition after joining Fairy Tail.

Juvia and Fazeel are BFFs and they care about each other. It was Juvia who dragged Gajeel into Fairy Tail. Good Job Juvia!

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Juvia Lockser and Gray Gullbuster often tag along together for missions.

She is almost a borderline stalker towards Gray, which really does question why Gray doesn’t mind.

Juvia is on par with Gray in terms of abilities and skills and she even gave him a hard time during their first fight.

However, Gray won in the end. Juvia is befitting of being the elite S-Class Wizard.

But one thing’s for sure is that Gray and Juvia make a better team just like Natsu and Lucy.

Abilities Of The Rain Woman

The former S-Class Wizard did participate to be an S- Class in the Fairy Tail guild.

The Rain Woman is extremely skilled in Water-based skills and magic techniques.

Juvia Lockser can manipulate, control and produce water and use it in different ways.

She combined her powers with Gray Gullbuster to use Ice-Make Juvia freeze and Juvia Geyser.

It’s interesting to note that Juvia Lockser has a wide variety of skillets and magic abilities.

Juvia Lockser is a force to reckon with and a powerful adversary.