Juzo Biwa, The First Swordsman of Akatsuki

Juzo Biwa, The First Swordsman of Akatsuki

Juzo Biwa was the former Akatsuki partner of Itachi Uchiha. He was from the hidden village of mist and one of the members of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist. Although he was a small character as we know Kisame to be Itachi’s partner.

Former Partner of Itachi Uchiha

Juzo Biwa and Itachi strategizing before a fight

Although Itachi is with Kisame from the beginning of the anime, Juzo was the previous partner of Itachi. He was one of the first few members of Akatsuki when it turned into a violent criminal organization. From the little screen time that he gets, his teamwork is good.

He doesn’t enjoy getting too close to his partners but will protect them at any cost. His most precious possession is the executioner's sword.

Wielder of the Decapitating Carving Sword

Juzo Biwa was a former member of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist. This group consists of the finest swordsmen from the land of water. It was considered an honor to be part of this elite group.

Juzo is the wielder of the Decapitating Carving sword which can be seen in the very first arc of Naruto in the hands of Zabuza. This sword is quite heavy and sharp.

It also has the unique property of healing itself through the iron present in the blood of its victims. After Juzo Biwa, Zabuza, Suigetsu and Kakashi Hatake uses the iconic sword.

Juzo Biwa survived Might Dai’s lethal attack

When a team of ninjas from Konoha consisting of Might Guy, Ebisu, and Genma came across the seven swordsmen, it was Might Dai who came to save his son and his teammates. Fighting against the strong team of seven swordsmen, he unlocked the eighth gate formation.

Juzo Biwa survived the attack and ran away. Judging from the fight between Madara and the might guy, it is clear to say that surviving the brutal attack is not a piece of cake.

Juzo Biwa was killed by the Mizukage

Juzo Biwa's death scene

Juzo Biwa was a resident of the village hidden by the mist located in the land of water. Being a member of the seven swordsmen to fleeing the village and joining Akatsuki, he hated his village so much that he made a resolve not to enter it again.

But after a mission given to him and Itachi, Juzo came back to the village. Both of them were pursued by a group of hunters led by the Mizukage who was also a jinchuriki.

After a brutal battle between them, Juzo was killed by Mizukage. Although Itachi did attack Mizukage Juzo couldn’t survive the fight. In his few last breaths, he was yearning for his sword which Itachi placed in his hands.

Upon getting the sword, Juzo Biwa died.

The sword was later taken by the members of the village hidden in the mist. It was then seen being used by Zabuza.

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