Kae Serinuma's Relationship With Other Kiss Him Not Me Characters Explained

Kae Serinuma's Relationship With Other Kiss Him Not Me Characters Explained

Kae Serinuma is the female protagonist in Kiss Him Not Me or Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda. She’s a very cool and wonderful young person. Her sense of reality was quite simple. Apparently, Kae was somewhat simplistic and quick. Kae’s intangible existence was really pleasant. However, there were occasions that enraged her yet she was very kind. She had quite a lovely relationship with almost everyone. So, here are 6 such people and their relationship with Kae Serinuma.

1. Asuma Mutsumi & Kae Serinuma

asuma terrified after he finds out that kae was not breathing
“It’s a beautiful thing when people get along.” – Asuma Mutsumi

Asuma Mutsumi and Kae were in the history club together. Mutsumi was a history aficionado. Initially, he thought that she’s just a close friend. But soon, he realized that he fell for Kae.

Asuma Mutsumi is very protective of Kae. Perhaps, this is the reason is always a step behind the other suitors. He was the only suitor who was also a friend to Kae. Asuma’s love never fell back even when she gained weight.

In Manga, Kae Serinuma was also in love with Asuma Mutsumi. She eventually confessed and they started to date. However, at times they stepped back. But nothing was able to come between these two lovely souls.

After Mutsumi graduated, these two got married. Later, they had a son named Shion Mutsumi.

2. Nozomu Nanashima

nozomu blushing in front of kae

Nozomu Nanashima is a fellow classmate of Kae Serinuma. He also likes Kae. However, he is kind of a bad boy. Nozomu believes he will have Kae if he plays hard. He is aggressive as well. Yet, Nozomu falls weak when Kae cries.

However, Nana lacked a skill, unlike others. That made him the weirdest one. He didn’t have a thing to boast about. With time, he fell for Kae Serinuma even more. His feelings deepened. Nozomu vowed to save Kae from any harm in her way.

3. Yusuke Igarashi

yusuke with another character sleeping on his shoulder
“Isn’t it natural to be kind to the person you like?” – Yuusuke Igarashi

Yusuke Igarashi is Kae Serinuma’s classmate. He is also one of the people who like Kae. Igarashi is quite straightforward. He was also clear about what he wanted. Once, he announced that he doesn’t want to befriend other boys anymore.

Yusuke Igarashi’s love for Kae was perhaps the deepest. He loved her from the very beginning. Unlike others, he didn’t let Kae’s physique make any difference in this love.

Aren’t we all yearning for such a lovely love? Yusuke Igarashi was very humble. He even asked for Kae’s consent before kissing her.

4. Hayato Shinomoya

hayato with a bright background

Hayato Shinomoya is Kae Serinuma’s junior. He had the biggest crush on his senpai, Kae. Along with the other people, Hayato tried to pursue Kae. He even tried to behave maturely.

But, failed. For Kae, Hayato is like a younger brother. She thought that his feelings were just mere. They might fade when he grows up. But, with time Hayato’s feelings deepened. He tried to protect Kae at any cost. Hayato always stood beside her.

5. Shima Nishina

nishima looking at the viewers
“We’re soulmates after all. She’s so fun to be around!” – Shima Nishina

When they first met, Kae Serinuma thought Shima is a boy due to her masculine features. They first met at the Comiket Festival. Kae was astonished when she found out that Shima is actually a girl.

However, Shima’s skills amazed Kae. She loved Shima’s Manga series. It just blew her off. Even Nishina Shima was after Kae Serinuma. Like Igarashi and A-chan, Kae’s Physique didn’t bother Nishina. She still liked Kae.

The most common thing between them was that they both were fujoshi and Otaku. They connected due to this thing. Even Kae’s first kiss was with Nishina.

6. Amane Nakano – Kae Serinuma’s Best Friend

amane wearing a red bow
Amane- like Otaku and Fujoshi

Amane Nakano (also called A-chan by Kae) is Kae Serinuma’s best friend. She is also an otaku and fujoshi like her. However, she tries to hide it from everyone. Yet, she cares a lot for Kae Serinuma. When Shion died, Nakano was very worried about her.

She even tried to contact her. But Kae didn’t respond to Nakano’s Twitter Message. In matters of love and relationships, Nakano is a lot more mature than Kae. At times, Nakano even gave advice to her.

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