Kageyama And Hinata's Heartwarming Journey: From Nemesis to a Phenomenal Friendship

Kageyama And Hinata's Heartwarming Journey: From Nemesis to a Phenomenal Friendship

When we mention Haikyuu!! the first thought that comes to our mind is Kageyama and Hinata. They are like fire and water. They were incompatible at the beginning but now they have an awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping setter-spiker partnership and friendship.

Of course, they are still rivals and are the pillars of the Karasuno Highschool Volleyball team. The Haikyuu!! fandom is crazy about them.

How Kageyama And Hinata Met

During a middle school volleyball tournament, Kageyama and Hinata met. Hinata was the only member of his school team that played volleyball, so naturally when his team faced off with Kageyama’s team they lost.

He kept trying throughout the match with a winner’s mindset; however, volleyball is a team game. Lack of proper teammates cost him the match. Kageyama’s team won but Hinata left a deep impression on him.

The first time Hinata makes the jump was so ethereal. His eyes were closed but he was able to perfectly synchronize with that ball. It felt like a bird flying without any restraints.


The first day they met, they were immediately at each other’s throats. Due to constant fights and Kageyama’s reluctance and lack of acceptance towards Hinata, they were not allowed to join the team initially.

Deeming him unworthy, Kageyama refused to pass him the ball. Gradually they practice and learned to be a part of the team, they accepted each other and coordinate amazingly. Their signature move “Quick Attack” often leaves their opponents at their mercy.

Hinata stood up for Kageyama time again anyone taunted him. Hinata thinks of Kageyama as a partner.

Similarities between them

Both of them are certified crackheads. When it comes to studies neither of them performed well academically. But that’s alright, they can always take the make-up tests! They are passionate, driven, highly dedicated, and committed to volleyball. Neither of them wants to lose.

They compete for things like who can reach the gym earlier, who can practice more. We can safely arrive at the conclusion that both of them are childish. They are friendly but rivals at the same time.

When Kageyama was selected to participate in the All-Japan Youth training camp, Hinata was jealous. He even had thoughts to barge in there. He settled with sneaking up at a special rookie select training camp for first-years in Miyagi Prefecture.

Hinata felt a sense of panic that he was falling behind. He was not permitted to attend the training there but that did not discourage him at all.

When Kageyama smirked at Hinata and said “I’m going ahead then”, that scene was unexplainable. As a viewer, you feel happy for Kageyama. But at the same time, you feel bad for Hinata. Despite having enough potential he wasn’t invited for training anywhere.

What irks me more is that throughout the series he is undermined for his short height and dependency on Kageyama. Without a doubt, Kageyama is a talented setter, but Hinata does not lack talent. During many crucial events, he had scored points for the team. He deserves more credit and applause.

They constantly fight but eventually reconcile. They are practically inseparable. Kageyama’s change in behavior was because of Hinata’s positive influence. They have contrast personalities but they seem to understand each other well.

They share the excitement and almost immediately Kageyama ends up yelling at Hinata. Their hilarious interactions will make you laugh, cry and melt your heart. They both make up as a wonderful duo.