Why Is Kageyama Tobio The Best Player In Haikyuu?

Why Is Kageyama Tobio The Best Player In Haikyuu?

Haikyuu is one of the most loved sports anime, and it makes sense. It is filled with cram-packed players who are masters in their respective categories.

Someone uniquely equipped for each position is filled for that skill, be it captain, setter, libero, or middle blocker. But one player who caught everyone's eye was Karasuno's High all-famous Kageyama Tobio.

Kageyama is the deuteragonist of the Haikyuu series. For the majority of the series, he was a first-year student at Karasuno High School, playing as the starting setters for the boys' Volleyball Club. Here are reasons why fans cannot stop themselves from loving Kageyama.

1. His Love For Volleyball

Kageyama was shown to have had a great love for volleyball since he was a kid when he held on to his older sister's volleyball and refused to let his grandfather take it away. As he grew up, he started playing volleyball with his grandfather, Kazuyo, and Miwa.

They saw potential in Kageyama and supported him in his dream to become a volleyball player one day.

He decided to become a setter due to it being the position that got to touch the ball the most. He was already known as a prodigy, during his time at Akiyama Elementary School.

2. Famous Since High-School

Once Kageyama entered Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High School, it was clear that his potential was much higher than that of other players on his teams, including the current third-year setter Toru Oikawa.

However, his exceptional abilities led him to develop an arrogant personality that was not liked by his teammates.

Because of this attitude, his teammates started to go against him, and initially, he was left all alone. But this incident in his life made him realize that he could be wrong as well. He worked on himself until he reached Karasuno High and proved that he is not the same Kageyama anymore.

3. Best Setter

Kageyama chose to be a setter because a setter is the one person who gets to touch the ball the most. Kageyama being a setter was one of the best things in Haikyuu. The way he executes his techniques says a lot about him. He is often referred to as a "genius" setter and it rightly fits him.

He has remarkable technical ability, able to perform a pinpoint toss after analyzing all the angles and placements on the court in a split second. As a highly skilled setter, Kageyama has the potential to unify the team with his overwhelming talent, but he originally struggled with effective communication with his teammates.

4. Teamwork

During junior high school, Kageyama's ability made him an arrogant person. Every time someone made a mistake, he used to shout at his teammates instead of being a humble person.

By the third year of Junior High, Kageyama had already destroyed his relationship with his teammates to the point where Kandichi and Kunimi considered asking the coach to bench the setter.

When this was not possible they denied playing with him in between the match by not spiking to his toss. This was one of the most disturbing incidents in Kageyama's volleyball career. But when he entered Karasuno High, the viewers started to see a difference in him. He learned the ability to be patient with his teammates.

Over time, he learned to use his skills to bring out the best in his teammates. He now pays attention to his spiker's condition and adjusts his tosses accordingly instead of forcing them to match him all the time.

5. "King Of The Court"

Initially the nickname "King Of The Court" was given to Kageyama because of his inability to cooperate with his teammates. Since the true meaning of this nickname was only known to students at Kitagawa Daiichi.

But later the meaning was changed by his personality development. He learned to listen, respect, and be open to his teammates. This change can be seen when he refuses to play quick attacks with Hinata at first but later on, understandsr that he needs his help. After his guidance, Kageyama and Hinata were some of the most daring duos of Haikyuu.

6. An All-rounder

In addition to his astounding accuracy and technical skills as a setter, Kageyama is a skilled all-rounder with a remarkable grasp of both the basics and complexities of volleyball.

He is capable of playing many other positions including wing spiker but chooses to become a setter due to his love for being the team's control tower. He is somehow responsible for Hinata's prominent presence in the court as an effective decoy. He made him realize that all the power that he needs is right within him.

Due to all these factors, Kageyama is one of the best players in Haikyuu. He is also one of the players selected to participate in the All-Japan Youth Intensive Training Camp.

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