Which Kakegurui Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Kakegurui Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Netflix's animated series Kakegurui, which is based on the well-known 2014 manga series Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler, follows the escapades of Yukemo Jabami, a new transfer student to the renowned Hyakkaou Private Academy, where a clique of degenerate gamblers rules the show.

Yumeko has a powerful gambling addiction of her own and a superhuman capacity to spot cheaters, both of which are unknown to her new classmates.

Now is as good a time as any to analyze the characters' astrological signs and how they relate to their personalities on the show, as well as how viewers may stack up to them in their own lives, as fans eagerly await the release of Season three.

1. Midari Ikishima - Aries

Midari Ikishima is undoubtedly an Aries because of all the risky actions she takes part in on the show, including her propensity for self-destruction.

Aries are frequently regarded as among the bravest and most ambitious zodiac signs.

She plays dangerous death games in her class with reckless abandon, sticks a pin in her eye, and gambles with her own limbs.

Aries is the first sign on the zodiac chart, and Midari's impetuous spontaneity and desire to be the best match because she will stop at nothing to not only be the best gambler but also the best in Yumeko's eyes.

2. Kirari Momobami - Taurus

Kirari Momobami, the main character of the series, is unmistakably a Taurus, characterized by her obstinate ways and an intense feeling of loyalty to her sister.

In addition to her less desirable characteristics, Kirari may also be quite compassionate, understanding, and reasonable.

Kirari is as obstinately devoted to her sister Ririka as any real Taurus would be, refusing to let anything come between them while yet acknowledging the genuine connection Ririka has with Mary.

She is one of the most underappreciated anime villains because of details like this.

3. Itsuki Sumeragi - Gemini

Itsuki Sumeragi appears to be a very kind, considerate, and amiable first-year Academy student.

But it's all only a front for her inner self, a vengeful gambler who exploits her external appearance to greatly influence her classmates.

Despite Itsuki's blatant deceit, her favorable astrological characteristics include intelligence, great observational abilities, adaptability, and daring innovation, which undoubtedly match the instance when she pretended to be kind to Yumeko after the latter was expelled from the Student Council.

4. Ryota Suzui - Cancer

Ryota Suzui's most distinguishing quality is being shy, timid, and quiet, despite the fact that he is decently polite and amiable.

He is almost probably a Cancer sign, which is frequently regarded as one of the most ominous signs of the zodiac.

The fact that Ryota is a brilliant student also makes him a good candidate.

Even though Ryota initially lacked self-assurance and the capacity to speak for himself, his time with Yumeko helped him develop both personally and as a gambler.

However, the majority of Cancer signs share the trait of altruism as someone who prioritizes the comfort of others over their own needs.

5. Yumeko Jabami - Leo

Yumeko Jabami, the main character of the story, is probably certainly a Leo by nature, the sign of the zodiac known for its bravery and self-assurance.

Yumeko's innate charisma and her capacity to unite people and be secure in packs, similar to a pride of lions, fit the Leo personality type.

The show is considered one of the best gambling anime of all time because of protagonists like these.

Of course, when Yumeko enters her supernatural condition and reveals her rivals' dishonest tactics, she does not avoid competition but fearlessly faces the difficulties head-on with her daring leonine personality.

6. Yuriko Nishitotouin - Virgo

Yuriko Nishitotouin, a character who epitomizes a Virgo, exudes grace, elegance, and refinement the instant she enters the frame.

Yuriko's concern for Japanese tradition and her fellow members of the Culture Club emphasizes the point and is also characterized by the unwavering love associated with Virgos.

Yuriko's negative Virgo features include her relentless perfectionism, inability to tolerate failure, resistance to accepting assistance from others, and her tendency to be very critical.

When playing poker at the Academy, Yuriko exhibits all of these characteristics.

The episode has a more dramatic pull than even some of Netflix's best-animated films because of the cunning contradiction of her character.

7. Rei Batsubami - Libra

Rei Batsubami is the epitome of a loving Libra, with a caring temperament, a deep sense of compassion, and sincere sympathy for others.

After a losing bet, she goes above and above to defend bullied "housepets" and is friendly, courteous, helpful, and protective.

Rei also clearly exhibits the Libran qualities of justice, diplomacy, and general sociability.

Rei is one of the least combative characters in the program, which is one of the greatest characteristics of a Libra, despite the fact that she does not take praise well because she was raised as a servant.

8. Yumemi Yumemite - Scorpio

Yumemi Yumemite is easily categorized as a Gemini, but her bravery, tenacity, and joy in inflicting great suffering also give her the fatal sting of a Scorpio.

Yumemi will betray all sorts of loyalty once she has been wronged and will not hesitate to exact lethal retribution.

Despite her propensity for aggression, Yumemi's upbeat personality and persistent desire to become a well-known actor like her idol Kawaru also contribute to her most admirable Scorpionic characteristics.

9. Runa Yomozuki - Sagittarius

Although every character in the show seems to have a darker side, Runa Yomozuki's most obvious personality qualities include being incredibly upbeat, effervescent, and enthusiastic.

More than any other sign, Runa's easygoing, carefree demeanor epitomizes Sagittarian traits.

Runa frequently shirks responsibilities by playing video games in the library while meetings are going on, much to the annoyance of her serious peers.

She is the only member of the Student Council who does not take her position very seriously.

However, Runa's moral compass and insistence on fair play, another defining quality of moral, generous Sagittarians, are her most admirable qualities.

10. Kaede Manyuda - Capricorn

On the show, Kaede Manyda is a cunning gambler with all the characteristics of a traditional Capricorn.

On the plus side, Kaede is very orderly, rational, structured in gaming, and great with money.

On the downside, Kaede frequently exhibits extreme stoicism, harbors resentments, and believes he is smarter than everyone else.

He is most notorious for his ability to manipulate his other pupils, particularly Midari in Season 1 and Yumeko in Season 2.

11. Sayaka Igarashi - Aquarius

Sayaka Igarashi must be an Aquarius because she is the smartest student on the show and is motivated by reason alone.

Sayaka is so realistic that she views risk-taking and gambling as foolish pursuits, yet she finds herself pulled to Kirari, who is the exact opposite.

The English translation of the Japanese name Sayaka is "clear, pure, and clean", which undoubtedly reflects Sayaka's water sign, pure heart, and capacity to spread happiness to others.

If Kirari's negative influence weren't present, she would exhibit these qualities even more.

12. Mary Saotome - Pisces

Mary Saotome, who was born on March 8th, is a true Pisces.

Although some of her more aggressive characteristics betray this sign, other attributes like being courteous and sensitive to others' emotions ring true.

Having lost everything in a match with Yurkio, Mary develops into a more sympathetic and considerate ally.

Since Pisces is considered to be the most humble sign in the zodiac, Mary in the well-known anime feels humility throughout her developed character arc.

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