Kakegurui: Everything About Kirari Momobami, The President of Hyakkaou

Kakegurui: Everything About Kirari Momobami, The President of Hyakkaou

Kirari Momobami is a nemesis in Kakegurui. She is the hundred and fifth student council president and is also responsible for the current hierarchy at the school.

She is also the head of the Momobami Clan. Her family is aligned with Yumeko Jabami’s family.

Kirari Momobami might look like a very nice and refined person but she is a very manipulative, cunning and psychopathic person.

She knew how to play with other people. Just like Runa and Midari even she had no regard for human life.

She gave no value even to the people she was close to in the student council.

This heartless attitude of hers could be seen when she asked Midari to pay her eye as the debt of the match she lost when she had no money left.

And when she pricked her own eye out she was smiling and enjoying the moment.

Kirari Momobami is a complete narcissist who only knew how to belittle someone and pull them down.

She believed she was the foundation of the academy and everyone should play the game as she said.

Instead of keeping a check on bullying and mistreatment, she encouraged it.

What Is Kirari Responsible For In Kakegurui?

She is responsible for the infamous house pet system in which anyone who lost a gambling match was considered to be a house pet which was a very low level of treatment at the academy.

As it was seen the house pets were treated poorly like Ryota was treated badly by Mary and when Mary became a housepet herself, she was treated poorly by other students.

Kirari didn’t care about herself as long as she was getting what she wanted and things were interesting around her.

Kirari Momobami was a nature enthusiast. She had a personal aquarium where she could admire the beauty of aquatic life.

She referred to the Hyakkou academy as her own aquarium since she was responsible for its formation.

Kirari Momobami and Yumeko are a lot alike when it came to playing matches. They both have the same thrill while playing.

They found excitement in killing the last spark of their opponent and proving who they really were.

She sought great pleasure in watching her opponent suffer and taking away everything they held dear to them.

She was confident in setting her traps and sure about the fact that she was gonna win.

Apart from her inhuman qualities, she was seen as being close with Ririka Momobami, who was the vice president of the student council.

Ririka was shown beside Kirari Momobami in the student council meetings but she was shown doing nothing.

As seen, she had a great love for her older sister and she admired her.

Kirari was also shown to have a soft affectionate side towards her personal assistant Sayaka Igarashi.

She made gambling at the institution compulsory and she even introduced the Momobami clan and election gambling.

She was always threatened by Yumeko as she wanted to be the president and dethrone Kirari. But Kirari never showed that on her face.

Kirari was a very important character throughout the whole show and her presence was remarkable.

Is Kirari A Sociopath?

Kirari asking for Midari's eye as a reward to pay the debt

Kirari may seem like a nice person on the outside but she is a completely different person on the inside.

She is a manipulative, self-centred person who only cares about herself.

She makes sure she gets what she wants, no matter who she hurts in the process.

A complete narcissist, she belittles everyone besides her and wants people to live their life on her terms.

Who Is Kirari's Love Interest?

Kirasaya is the femlash ship between Kirari Momobami and Sayaka Igarashi.

Sayaka is the secretary of the student council and Kirari's personal assistant. Sayaka admired and adores Kirari, and is always by her side.

Sayaka has had a crush on Kirari since she first saw her Kirari gamble, and Kirari finds Sayaka interesting.

An intimate moment between Kirari and Sayaka

When they first met, Sayaka was unpopular, shy, and nerdy.

She watched Kirari gamble, against the former Student Council President, and was instantly impressed by her victory.

Sayaka asked her if she could be her secretary, and Kirari accepted saying she find Sayaka intriguing.

When she was accepted, Kirari changed her hairstyle.

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