We All Need a Kaori in Our Life

You Lie in April was one of the fan favourites. The relationship has brought tears to everyone's eyes. Read the article to know more.

We All Need a Kaori in Our Life

Losing someone who meant the most to you leaves a gaping hole in your heart. A hole that can’t be filled. You tend to live your life in a monochromatic way, a life without fun or colors. Being alone is the only thing that gives you peace.

Your Lie In April is about a musically gifted pianist, Kosei Arima who experienced a drastic change in his life after his mother, Saki Arima passed away.

In Your Lie In April, Kosei Arima, a highly skilled pianist, dominates the world of music and wins many competitions. He is famous among kids. When his mother Saki Arima dies suddenly, he has a mental breakdown while performing leading to his inability to hear the sound of his piano at the time.

He experiences a downward spiral. Completely sorrowful that he was unable to hear the sound of his own piano.

Two years later, Kosei was still avoiding his piano and living a very dull and lonely life even avoiding his friends Tsubaki and Watari.

However, his life took an unexpected turn when he met a beautiful violinist Kaori Miyazaki. Kaori was a beautiful, free-spirited, fourteen-year-old violinist.

She helps Kosei to return to the music world. As she gets him back in touch with his life, he instantly falls in love with her even though she already likes Watari.

Why Was Kosei Hospitalized?

One day, while performing together, Kaori suddenly falls on the ground and is hospitalized. Kosei thinks that she is anaemic and she fell down because she was tired and nervous, but this is revealed to be a lie.

Kaori is then discharged. She is back to being the happy and cheerful girl she’s always been. She invites Kosei to play at a gala with her.

However, Kaori is not able to come to the gala as her health deteriorates and she is disheartened. As Kosei couldn’t see her like this, he plays the duet with Nagi Aiza in the hope that his performance would motivate her.

After listening to him, she opts for surgery in the hope of performing the duet with him one last time.

The surgery was a risk at that point but the hope of performing with Kousei one last time was enough for her to take that risk.

When Kosei is playing in the finals of the Eastern Japan Piano Competition, Kosei could feel Kaori’s spirit accompanying him and he knows at that moment that she died during the surgery.

What Did Kaori’s Letter Reveal In Your Lie In April?

However, After Kaori's death, he received a letter from her parents. The letter revealed that she was aware of her condition, she knew that she was going to die.

This is the reason why she was so happy and cheerful in both her life and music. She wanted to live what was left of her life without wasting any of it and then go on to heaven without any regrets.

She also reveals that she was in love with Kosei since she was five. Kosei was the very reason she wanted to learn the violin in the first place so that one day she could play it with him.

Her feelings towards Watari were nothing but a lie as she knew Tsubaki had feelings for Kosei. She didn’t want to hurt Tsubaki so she faked her feelings towards Watari so that she could stay close to Kosei.

After finding this out, Tsubaki confronts Kosei and promises she would never leave his side. Kaori also leaves a picture of her as a child coming back from a concert that inspired her.

Kosei is spotted in the background of the picture walking back home. Kosei frames that picture. Sometimes in life, losing someone makes us fragile at that moment.

We are shattered by their loss that we fall off the deep end. But just as every artist needs inspiration, every musician needs their muse.

Kaori came into Kosei’s life when he was going through a very rough phase. But she came into his life as a sunflower and lit up his whole world.

We all need a Kaori in our life so that we can let go of our sorrows and learn to live again.

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