Karasuno High, The Elite Line-up

Karasuno High, The Elite Line-up

Haikyuu!! is the volleyball-centered sports Manga/Anime brought to us by Haruichi Furudate. Karasuno was once at the peak of success but that was a long time ago. Karasuno High was undermined before the Inter-High Match. But as the tournament progressed, the team left a strong impression. Let’s take a look at the underdogs of Karasuno High’s volleyball team. I’m excited!!!!

Karasuno High performed really well at the Spring Tournament and the Inter-high. The team has two prodigy players and quite a superb line-up of players. And of course, we cannot miss out on our favorite coach, faculty advisor, and team managers. the versatile lineup makes Haikyuu quite interesting.

Coach & Faculty Advisor

Coach Ukai Ikkei was the previous coach of Karasuno High. Under his banner, the crows had their glory days. Due to health reasons (hospitalization), he had to step down from the position. He was famous for his Sparta-style brutal training.

Takeda Ittetsu is the present faculty advisor and Ukai Keishin, (grandson of coach Ukai) is the coach of the Karasuno High Boy’s volleyball team. Coach Ukai Keishin was a former alumnus, who played as a setter in the team. With Ukai’s mentorship and Takeda’s persistence, they continue to train the team.

Team Members

Karasuno High has members from the first, second, and third years. We will start from the third year and then head to the first year’s players.

Third Years

Sawamura Daichi is the captain of Karasuno High who plays as the wing spiker and defensive specialist. He has a cheerful personality but when he becomes angry, he can be quite intimidating.

Sawamura Daichi is extremely strict and both Shoyo and Kageyama are obedient and scared by his temper. Daichi is very patient and understanding towards others, his team respects him.

Azumane Asahi is the wing spiker and the ace of Karasuno high. Asahi is very low self-esteem and often struggles with accepting that he is the star player of the team. His peers refer to him as “Glass heart”. Asahi is a scaredy-cat and he easily becomes depressed.

Sugawara Koshi is the vice-captain and the substitute setter of the team. He has a soothing and gentle personality. Sugawara is intelligent, dedicated, and encouraging towards everyone. Even though he is not the main setter of the team, he refuses to give up easily. His tenacity and dedication are praiseworthy. He is also the pinch serve.

Second Years

Nishinoya Yu is the prodigy from Karasuno. He is the libero of the team. Karasuno has two prodigies, Nishinoya and Kageyama. Nishinoya is the shortest member of the team. He is energetic, loud, and has an interest in Shimizu Kiyoko, the third-year student, and the team manager. Tanaka and he often express their interest towards her but, she ignores them.

Tanaka Ryūnosuke is the wing spiker and outside hitter of the team. He is loud, cheerful, caring, and extremely competitive. He has a strong mental attitude and doesn’t let anyone get under his skin. Tanaka gets excited easily and has a large interest in girls. Like Nishinoya he too gets ignored by Shimizu.

Ennoshita Chikara is the wing spiker and outside hitter. In the second year, he is the only one who can control Nishinoya and Tanaka. His ability to understand others and relate to them shows him as empathetic and a potential captain candidate. Chikara also has substituted for Daichi. He is reserved and quiet. Even though he lacks confidence, he is extremely smart and has never failed a test.

First years

Tsukishima Kei is the middle blocker of the team. His friend, Yamaguchi Tadashi is also on the team. Tsukishima is blunt, arrogant, and sneers at others. He has a casual attitude and is very prideful. Often shown as someone with little interest, he is passionate about volleyball.

Kageyama Tobio is the setter of the team. He had a lot of positive personality changes after attending Karasuno high. Shoyo’s influence and his peer’s acceptance have made Kageyama even stronger. Kageyama is extremely dedicated and competitive but lacks social skills.

Hinata Shoyo is the middle blocker and decoy of the team. He is the second shortest person on the team. Shoyo is cheerful, loud, and extremely energetic. He makes up for his lack of height with his presence of speed. His quicks are powerful and often throws the opponents into a panic.

Team Managers

Shimizu Kiyoko is a third-year student and manager of the team. Soon the third year will graduate so she started looking for a new manager who can take over for her. Yachi Hitoka, a first-year student later joins the team.