What Makes Karma Akabane No. 1 in Popularity Poll?

What Makes Karma Akabane No. 1 in Popularity Poll?

Karma Akabane is a student of Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. He transferred from Class A after being suspended due to his violent behavior.

Karma is cunning and mischievous. Karasuma describes him as “at first glance, he comes across as being a lazy sort, but there’s a strong sense of mischief in his eyes”.

He has pale skin, red short hair, and pale sharp eyes with a slender build.

Karma is also considered to be the most physically attractive out of all the boys in Class 3-E. Behind his attractive feature is hidden a rather sadistic persona.

His “devil in disguise” personality and character development along with his good looks is the answer behind his popularity. Let’s get to know him more.

Karma Akabane's Past and Present

Karma is the first student who successfully injured Korosensei on his first day at Class 3-E.

Throughout his first day, Karma keeps on pulling pranks on Korosensei. This backfires him, as Korosensei ends up giving him a manicure.

Karma lost his trust in teachers when his most trusted homeroom teacher betrays him, leading to his suspension.

He loses respect for all adults and starts seeing all teachers as the same as the ones who betrayed him.

However, his view changes when he realizes how far his new teacher, Korosensei, will go to educate him.

Karma grows to care for his teacher and respect him. We see him breaking down crying after Korosensei’s death.

His Personality

Karma Akabane despite his somewhat sadistic personality is unprejudiced and has good values. He is emphatic and believes that everyone has their own special talent.

Unlike his former classmates in Class A, he defends Class E. The reason he was placed in Class 3-E was that he helped a senior of Class E from being bullied by the students of the main building.

Karma Akabane is also proved to be one of the most intelligent students in the entire school. He achieved 4th place out of all 186 students in the school.

However, he has a very lazy approach, and he believed that he would ace the exam no matter what. His lazy attitude results in him bombing his Math exam.

This embarrassing situation changes him into a hard-working student.


Karma Akabane respects and cares for his classmates as well as others. He has grown to share a lasting bond with his classmates.

He restores his friendship with Nagisa Shiota. Nagisa is Karma’s first and closest friend.

Their friendship sours when Karma identifies a mysterious feeling hiding within his friends which he does not know how to respond to.

He described the feeling as ‘mysterious something that he wanted to drag out of him and destroy, just to be safe’.

Karma after joining Class E again becomes friends with Nagisa and their close friendship continues even when they grew older.

Karma Akabane also strikes a friendship with Rio Nakamura. The two of them are often referred to as “partners-in-crime” by others.

Karma enjoys teasing and harassing Ryoma Terasaka calling him a “muscle head”.

I’ll probably never find a place like this again where I can truly be myself.

Karma continues in Kunugigaoka Institution after the Graduation ceremony, unlike the rest of his classmates.

Seven years later Karma Akabane has passed his government official entrance exams.

He arrives at the office of the Ministry of Economics, Trade, and Investment, with his ambition to become a bureaucrat.

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