Kikyou Kushida & Her Unknown Side in Classroom Of The Elite

Kikyou Kushida & Her Unknown Side in Classroom Of The Elite

Kikyou Kushida is one of the main characters of Classroom of the Elite. Classroom of the Elite is one of the biggest anime of 2017. It is a psychological thriller and the complete opposite of a typical high school drama.

Not only will it get you wishing for more, but the plot is as enticing as the infamous miso ramen from Naruto. Kikyou Kushida is a bubbly and cheerful girl, and she’s got the traits of a typical ebullient anime girl who is friendly with everyone. Kushida is exactly that, but there is a surprising twist to her character.

Following the theme of the anime, the characteristics of all the characters conform to it. The plot centers around the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School students, who are the future of Japan.

They are given a high degree of freedom that mimics real life. It is a light novel series that has dark elements to it. Kushida is part of the D-class along with the other protagonists.

Kushida has an alter ego. She, like any other, has a dark side to her.

kushida in a happy mood

Kushida is one of the prettiest girls in her class, and if looks could kill, her entire class would be dead. Not to be too dramatic, Kushida looks like the typical bubbly anime girl who is very likable and friendly to everyone.

She’s also gifted with a well-endowed body for an average height. She has light brown hair and red eyes. Her friendly and approachable aura, which’s almost too good to be true, has a twisted side to it.

Kushida is one of the popular girls in D-class. She’s friendly and kind and almost too optimistic. She wants to get along well with everyone, especially Suzune Horikita.

Despite Horikita’s refusal, Kushida never stops trying to befriend her. Throughout the series, her sweet and bubbly personality shines through. She also doesn’t hesitate to use it to her advantage. She helped Kiyotaka get old test answers from the upperclassmen by using her charming side.

Subtle Signs of a false personality show through her behavior. One of the most shocking instances in the anime was when Kikyou’s true side was shown. When Kiyotaka went to return her phone from the celebratory party near the park, he witnessed her real side, a side she never shows anyone.

During her outburst, it made it clear that she hated Horikita, especially because she doesn’t have an alter ego as she does.

She has a hidden side that is cold, manipulative, and violent. When Kiyotaka gets caught listening to her rage, she violently confronts him. She blackmailed him into not revealing to anyone her true side. She made sure he knew she would make false rape accusations on him if Kiyotaka ever revealed that she hated Horikita.

Kikyou Kushida is an interesting character that is refreshing in this light novel anime. In fact, her presence makes it all the more compelling to watch. In addition to that, it brings out a completely different aspect of the “fun, extroverted and cheerful” personality.

It is no secret that every human has a “dark” side. Just like every story with a moral, every holy book, and every rule made by society, this might just be one of the most intriguing yet simple plots in anime. Her façade comes with a forceful acceptance of the unruly side of humanity. Nonetheless, Classroom of the Elite is worth watching solely for this character.