Kiss Him Not Me Character's Introduction

Kiss Him Not Me Character's Introduction

Kiss Him Not Me Characters, especially the leads strived through the series to get the affection of our female lead Kae Serinuma.

It is a Japanese light novel and romantic series also known as Watashi ga Motete Dōsunda.

So here is a quick introduction of our main Kiss Him Not Me Characters and how they fell for Kae Serinuma

1. Kae Serinuma

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Kae Serinuma is one of the main Kiss Him Not Me Characters.

She is a very chilled and amazing young lady.

Her notion of life was pretty simple. Basically, Kae was pretty simple-minded and easy-going. She never got disturbed by the tiniest of things.

Kae’s airheaded nature was very much likable.

However, there were times that fired her up. Yet, she was very kind.

When Asuma starved for a week, he still recognized Kae due to the very kind that she possesses.

Kae had the zeal to finish every work she took.

However, she is awkward in cases of romance. She feels anxious in such situations and often stumbles.

But soon she finds her love interests and acknowledges them consciously.

2. Asuma Mutsumi

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Asuma Mutsumi is one of the main male Kiss Him Not Me Characters.

Asuma is a very calm and composed guy. Besides that, he is also very intelligent and works in an organized manner.

At times, he is the one who tries to calm down a serious situation.

He was very protective of Kae Serinuma.

Once Asuma planned against the cat-callers of Serinuma as well.

This was one of those times when he lost his composure.

Mutsumi is also very generous and gets along well.

He even gave Serinuma a good luck pencil while others were filled up.

For long, he wasn’t aware of his feelings for Kae Serinuma but eventually, he understood them.

3. Nozomu Nanashima

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Nozomu Nanashima is also one of the Kiss Him Not Me Characters.

He was one of the people who were trying to gain Kae Serinuma’s affection. Nozomu is one lethargic guy.

However, people got along easily with him and they also liked him.

Yet, at times he is unconsciously blunt and hurts people unintentionally.

At such times Yusuke Igarashi is the one who gets Nozomu back into his being.

He pursued Serinuma as well.

Nozomu wanted to protect her and love her with all his being.

Besides that, Nana is a caring brother. He takes care of his sisters, plays with her, and dances as well.

4. Yusuke Igarashi

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Yusuke Igarashi is yet another one of the Kiss Him Not Me Characters who fell for Kae Serinuma.

Yusuke was kind of a competition in terms of sports.

Igarashi gets jealous when he sees other guys around Kae. He finally understood his feelings for Kae during Valentine’s day arc.

However, after spending time with her on the roof, Igarashi discovered that, regardless of Kae’s presence, Kae was always the same kind-hearted, lovely girl he fell in love with.

This encourages him to embrace her good physical appearance and to fall in love again.

5. Hayato Shinomiya

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Hayato Shinomiya is also one of the Kiss Him Not Me Characters who was after Kae Serinuma.

Through the series, Shinomiya developed an affection for Kae. He loved the way she gave importance to her work.

Hayato developed feelings for Kae after she lost her weight. Shinomiya is a very smart guy.

He had already planned his future guys ahead of time.

Hayato was surprised to hear Kae say he looks nice in a female dress or in an uncompromising situation.

He wanted to remind Kae that he was a boy and to show his masculine side but Hayato ended up arguing with her.

Besides that, initially, it was shown that he did not have many friends due to his weak immunity. His pet lizard was his only mate.

6. Shima Nishina

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Shima Nishina is an extremely popular young lady among the girls in her school.

She was also one of the Kiss Him Not Me Characters who were after Kae Serinuma to gain her affection.

Shima’s character is a presumed lesbian in the anime.

Initially, people thought that Shima is a boy and saw her as a threat in the way of Serinuma.

But when they found that she is a girl, they sighed with relief. Nishina was the first person to kiss Serinuma.

She even made it clear that her affection for Serinuma was just as like others.

Through the series, she competed with the boys to have Kae Serinuma with her. Nishina is also a quick and sharp girl.

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