6 Kono Oto Tomare Characters Who Gave This Anime An Unique Tone

6 Kono Oto Tomare Characters Who Gave This Anime An Unique Tone

Kono Oto Tomare is one of the biggest anime of 2019. The anime gained a huge following not only for its visuals but also for the characters and the story. The story of this anime revolves around a high school drama. It follows Chika Kudo and his friends and the Koto club of Tokise High School. The genre is focused on drama, romance, and Koto, a traditional instrument of Japan.

The characters are the wheels of a story. Each character’s unique differences played out different emotions in the viewers. Some are relatable and some are not.

1. Chika Kudo

chika staring at the readers

Chika Kudo is one of the main characters of Kono Oto Tomare. He’s known to be a delinquent who does not care about school rules. His character development was good since he had a sad backstory that made up his character. Chika initially seemed like someone who didn’t have a purpose. Yet as the series went on, the many surprises to his character made the story interesting.

He learned how to play the Koto instrument with determination, as well as improve his behavior towards others which played a big part in his character development. Being one of the Kono Oto Tomare characters, he’s bound to become one of the best musicians of Tokise High.

2. Satowa Hozuki

hozuki blushing

Hozuki is also one of the main characters. She’s known to be stuck-up with a lot of attitudes. Hozuki is a prodigious musician. At a young age, she played in the Nationals. What seems like a dream to many had only been a big nightmare for her. Her attitude caused her to scare away people. Slowly but surely, after joining the Koto club, and becoming friends with the members, her attitude changed. She opened up more and that led her to resolve her issues.

3. Takezo Kurata

kurata looking at the readers

Kurata is the president of the Koto club. He was also the only male member of the club until Chika and his other delinquent friends became members of the club. Kurata initially lacked confidence and also wasn’t the best at playing the Koto. He had a lot to improve not only with the instrument but his unconfident self too. Kurata is a soft-spoken guy, and also a high school senior. He was often the one who led the group in many situations.

4. Hiro Kurusu

hiro smiling

Kurusu is also a senior and studies in the same class as Kurata. After watching the Koto club’s performance in the morning assembly, Kurusu decided to join the club. She becomes the vice-president of the club after witnessing Kurata’s struggle as a president.

Initially, it seemed like she didn’t have true intentions to join the club, unlike the other members. Perhaps she did it to makes herself feel better. Despite her attitude towards the Koto club members, she was accepted after she showed her true feelings and built a good relationship with them.

5. Suzuka Takinami

Suzuka looking unmotivated and sleepy

Takinami is a math teacher at Tokise High. He is also the Koto club’s advisor and supervises the students. Takinami seems like an indifferent unmotivated guy. In fact, he did support his students initially, believing that they will not be able to reach their goals because of their lack of guidance.

It was later revealed that Takinami is the son of world-renowned musicians. He actually has no interest in music due to his childhood, where his father discovered his talent for music writing and made his son into a brand.

6. Akira Dojima

Akira smiling at other character

Dojima is the apparent heir to Tsubaki School and became the heir after her parent’s demise. After their death, her older brother dropped out of college to find a job and support her and her grandmother.

She joined Tokise High to become the koto instructor. Her intentions were malicious, especially due to a feud between her and Hozuki. As the series progressed she realizes the club members’ genuine interest to play the koto and so she helped them and trained them. As one of the Kono Oto Tomare characters, she is also musically talented and a very good teacher.