Kosei Arima- The Boy Who Lost Everything

Kosei and Kaori had the most heart-wrenching love story. However, Kosei had his own struggles which made his life hard.

Kosei Arima- The Boy Who Lost Everything

‘Your Lie In April’ is the story of Kosei Arima who used to dominate various music competitions but lost it all after his mother, Saki, died. All of it led him to a mental breakdown where he couldn’t hear the sound of his piano even though his hearing was perfectly fine.

A Boy Who Lived His Life As a Recluse Until?

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Even after two years, Kosei Arima preferred his life as it was, monochromatic and away from the piano. He continues living his life without any passion with his friends Watari and Tsubaki.

But change is inevitable and for Kosei, it comes in the form of a bubbly violinist. Kaori Miyazono is a fourteen-year-old violinist whose playing style directly reflects her personality.

In different ways, she helped Kosei return to the music world and revert back to the person he used to be. Along the way, Kosei Arima falls in love with Kaori but she likes his friend Watari.

When Kaori got hospitalized, at first Kosei believed that she was anaemic which turned out to be a lie. When she is discharged, all goes back to how it was and she even invites Kosei to play with her at a Gala.

But Kaori’s deteriorating health rendered her helpless and she couldn’t perform at the event with Kosei. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Kosei played a duet with Nagi Aiza hoping it would help motivate Kaori.

What Was Kaori’s Decision?

Kaori, who wants to play with Kosei one last time, opts for surgery that could possibly kill her. Kosei, while playing in the finals of the Eastern Japan Piano competition, senses Kaori’s spirit.

That was the moment he knew that she had died in the surgery. At the funeral, Kaori’s parents gave him a letter, which Kaori left behind for him. In the letter, she gave the full unfiltered truth to Kosei.

We are brought in touch with the fact that Kaori knew she was soon going to die. This connection to her reality made her opt to stay cheerful and bring joy to other people’s lives. She taught people to live.

To not die before death actually came knocking.

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Her love for violin came from her love for Kosei ever since she was five years old. She lied about her feelings for Watari so that she could stay close to Kosei for how much was left of her life without hurting Tsukabi who was in love with Kosei too.

Kaori also leaves behind a picture of herself as a child coming back from the concert that inspired her. Kosei was in the background of that picture walking home.

Why ‘Your Lie In April’ Is A Heartbreaking Story?

While life itself is a gift, death is its harsh reality. More than loss what hurts more is going on with your life knowing that person won’t be there anymore. To have that empty space in your life that can’t be filled constantly puts a person in gut-wrenching pain rather than the event of death.

He knew he would never get to see Kaori again. That hole would always be there no matter how much time passes by. The absence of sunshine in his life. Cherish who you have while you have them. Life is cruel in its own ways. Your Lie In April talks a lot about life.

The way Kosei lost everything in the blink of a moment was very heartbreaking. We should cherish the time we’ve got with our loved ones. It is very important to show your love and care.

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