Kotaro Lives Alone: Lessons Learnt from Karino and Kotaro

Kotaro Lives Alone: Lessons Learnt from Karino and Kotaro

Kotaro Lives Alone is a 2022 Netflix Anime. Kotaro wa Hitorigurashi or Kotaro Lives alone is adapted from the manga created by Mami Tatsuma. Following the hit live-action (Jdrama) series was released in 2021 on Netflix introducing the story of a 5-year-old boy Kotaro Sato who lives alone due to certain circumstances.

After Kotaro started living alone, he met different people and one of them is his neighbour Karino Shin, an upcoming Mangaka who started gaining confidence after meeting Kotarou.

Kotaro Lives Alone is one of the pleasant anime that is highly recommended to watch no matter what mood or feeling you have. The Slice of life anime might tend to get a bit serious but is an endearing anime because of Kotarou and Karino who end up developing a sweet bond of friendship.

young boy eating alone

Kotaro and Karino have taught us the precious feeling of love, care, friendship and unconditional support. Kotarou acts mature for his age and is an independent person who has his own notions of right and wrong.

It was heartwarming to see both Karino and Kotaro learn new things and how they started depending on each other. Karino and Kotarou have taught us life lessons and their actions will cheer you up.

It’s important to greet neighbors

little boy with his neighbours

After moving into the new apartment, Kotaro greeted everyone. The first person he visited was his neighbour Karino Shin. Kotaro later visits his other neighbours Akitomoto Mizuki and Tamaru Isamu.

Be Kind to everyone

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Kotaro is usually mature and aware of his surroundings. Mizuki had a complicated situation with her toxic boyfriend. Later Mizuki got drunk and cried to sleep.

Seeing Mizuki in the state, Koraro and Karino rushed to get her cold compress for her swelled eyes. Kotaro taught us to be kind and be aware of the people going through hardships.

Everyone needs a bit of encouragement

smiling little boy looking at his wounds

Kataro ended up getting hurt. He had never applied bandages and disinfected himself. With much difficulty, Kotaro cleans himself and roughly did the bandages. Kotaro went to show this to Karino.

Karino understood Kotaro’s intention and knew his innocence. He drew Kotaro’s favourite series Tonosaman. This cheered up Kotaro and he encouraged Karino for his drawing.

hurt young boy

Both Karino and Kotaro taught us the importance of encouragement and appreciating the hard work of others. Sometimes, it’s ok to receive help and support, we don’t have to be alone to become strong.

Tears can’t determine Weakness or Strength

in the kindergarden smiling with everyone

This time Kotaro’s friend Kei taught us something important which is even more relevant during Covid-19.

It’s not okay to pass the infection to others. If you feel weak or are getting symptoms of cold, fever and others get treatment or help. Initially, Kotaro viewed Kei as someone who’s weak, and who cries easily.

When Kotaro became sick due to a fever, he was struggling to admit it. Karino came to the preschool to take back Kotaro. It was Kei who convinced Kotaro who later admitted he needs rest to recover and play their friends again.

Become Independent

two young kinds at the riverside

When Kotaro visited his friend Kakeru, he observed the home surroundings. Kakeru kept ordering their caretaker for every single thing. Although it’s her job, however, Kakeru was rude to some extent and didn’t give second thoughts to doing tasks he can actually do.

Kotaro was determined to teach and let Kakeru experience self-dependence. Together with Kakeru, Kotaro went fishing where they caught prawns (not sure but it’s something from the prawn family) and later cooked it. Kotaro taught us the importance of becoming self-sufficient and independent. It’s not ok to always rely on others for everything.

With Guardianship comes responsibility

kid with his sword

Kotaro Sato and Shin Karino taught us an important life lesson. If you become a guardian you can’t run away from responsibilities. Karino was worried because Kotaro kept trying to go out alone.

kid going for a bath as the man watches from behind

The present situation can be concerning for a four-year-old kid to roam alone. To address this situation, Karino decided to go to the bathhouse with Kotaro. Not only this, he dropped and picked up Kotaro from school. During the festival, other guardians just found excuses to not help, but it was Karino who stepped forward to help make the festival a success.

Karino’s motive was to help Kotaro experience simple joys in life and have fun. It was even heartwarming to see Mitsuki, Isamu, Ippei Fukuno (Karino’s editor) and even lawyer Kobayashi occasionally help Karino and Kotaro.

everyone partying at the house

When Karino was sick, Kotaro delivered the manuscript to Ippei Fukuno fulfilling the role of a guardian. Similarly, when Karino visited his editor, Kotaro accompanied him. Kotaro asked Ippei to not treat Karino harshly.

Kotaro Lives Alone is now streaming on Netflix. It has 10 episodes and is highly enjoyable no matter what mood you’re in. Kotaro and Karino will definitely cheer you up.

Watching Kotaro’s actions will melt your heart and seeing Karino take care of Kotaro is equally precious. Hope there’s a season 2 as we didn’t get to see much about Kotaro’s father. Happy streaming and happy binging!

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