Kumichou Musume To Sewagakari- Plot Summary

Kumichou Musume To Sewagakari- Plot Summary

Kumichou Musume To Sewagakari Anime is a comedy and slice of life series focusing on the life of Kirishima Tooru and Yaeka Sakuragi. The Japanese manga series was created in 2018 and is currently ongoing with over 7 volumes.

The reason to watch The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting is a very simple, quite entertaining and good flow of the story. If you are wondering whether to watch Kumichou Musume To Sewagakari, take a look at the cute parenting/babysitting yakuza story.

Plot summary

Kumichou Musume To Sewagakari Anime shows the story of Kirishima Tooru, the right-hand man or Wakagashira of the Sakuragi clan. Kirishima Tooru is shown as an extremely violent person who has earned the reputation of "The Demon of the Sakuragi Group."

The present Kumicho Kazuhiko Sakuragi isn’t exactly pleased with his violent activities but nevertheless trusts Kirishima. Kazuhiko entrusted his daughter Yaeka Sakuragi for him to take care of and babysit.

This might become the biggest challenge for the 28-year-old Wakagashira of the Sakuragi group. The interaction between Kirishima and Kazuhiko was hilarious yet serious, albeit Kazuhiko threatened to kill Kirishima if he failed to take care of Yaeka.

How did Yaeka perceive Kirishima?

yaeka happy

Kirishima got introduced to Yaeka by Kazuhiko. It was a sudden but beautiful shock. Yaeka was surprised and shy to meet Kirishma and the initial perception might not have been good.

Due to circumstances, Yaeka was not living with her father. It was shown that her mother is hospitalised and most likely comatose. Yaeka doesn’t outright dislike Kirishima, she’s just overwhelmed by the new background.

Previously, Yaeka lived with her aunt Kanami. Yaeka was a bit disappointed when Kirishima dropped her off at school.

Kirishima and Kei Sugihara with Yaeka

The scary yakuza Kirishima has absolutely no experience with children or child-rearing. To be tasked with taking responsibility for looking after Yaeka chan is quite puzzling and demanding for Kirishima.

Kei Sugihara, a fellow member of the Sakuragi clan was overjoyed and having fun at the expense of Kirishima, which was definitely not unnoticed by the Sakuragi demon.

It was quite funny to see Kirishima mess up Kei’s long hair trying to practice as he miserably failed to fix Yaeka’s hair. It was absolutely hilarious and comedic to watch Kazuhiko enter at the exact moment after Kei was dolled up, who quickly shut the door.

Poor Kei gets no chance to explain and Kazuhiko rejects the situation leaving him speechless.

Why was Yaeka sad?

It was evident that Kazuhiko is a doting parent but his affiliation as the Kumicho of Sakuragi clan would prevent him from actively playing the fatherly role. Kazuhiko promised he would take care of Yaeka and she didn’t complain or express anything.

However, Yaeka was sad and clearly upset to hide something. When Kirishima entered her room, she wasn’t happy. She looked sad and dejected, especially after Kanami visited her. Kirishima was worried and went to her room to find a notice to attend a school invitation.

Due to Kazuhiko’s role, he can’t openly visit her and aunt Kanami had to attend work so she rejected Yaeka earlier. Finding the invitation, Kanami and Kirishima were both worried.

At school, Yaeka was surrounded by children and their happy families. It was quite sad and heartbreaking to see Yaeka all along in the classroom. It was a happy surprise to see Kirishima doll up as a civilian to attend the school event. People even mistook him for Yaeka’s father.

The situation was handled nicely and later Kirishima convinced Yaeka to show her drawing to her father. Kirishima has good convincing skills to handle Yaeka. Later Yaeka thanked her as well as she was happy that Kirishima attended the event.

The comedic events when Kirishima asked Yaeka to play red light green light so he could beat the thugs following them were funny beyond a point. The character development is also good.

Kumichou Musume To Sewagakari is a must-watch Summer 2022 anime and worth adding to the list. This anime won't disappoint. Kumichou Musume To Sewagakari has a rating of over 7 in MAL!

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