Kurama | The Demon Fox Who Saves The World

Kurama | The Demon Fox Who Saves The World

Kurama or the nine-tailed fox is one of the nine-tailed beasts. For a very long time, everyone considered it a monster. The powerful ninjas used Kurama as a mere tool for destruction. This caused Kurama to hate humans as it was being used only for their means. It was Naruto’s respect and love that forces Kurama to change itself and use its power for the greater good.

The Early Life of the Nine-Tails

kurama and naruto

The tailed beasts came into being in the era of Hagoromo Otsotsuki. He divided the ten tails into nine different bodies and gave each one a name. The greater the number of tails, the greater the power of the tailed beasts. After some time the six oath sages told them in the future, they will be again together by someone. During the time of the founding of shinobi villages, the gold and silver brothers got the task to capture Kurama.

But Kurama swallowed both of them. However, the brothers survive and got some of the nine tails chakra by devouring its flesh. They were both expelled after two weeks. After some time, Madara found Kurama and used his Sharingan to control the tailed beast.

After Hashirama defeated Madara, his wife, Mito Uzumaki seals Kurama within herself. She was the first jinchuriki of the nine tails. The next jinchuriki selected was Kushina Uzumaki, a girl from the same clan as Mito. As Uzumaki clan members had immense chakra, they were perfect for becoming jinchurikis.

Mito advises her to fill her vessel with love before taking on the hatred of the fox. But during the childbirth of a female jinchuriki, the seal becomes the weakest. Keeping the event of Naruto’sbirth a secret, yet, a masked man name Tobi arrives to extract the tailed beast. After extracting, Kurama is under the control of Tobi’s Sharingan. Kurama destroys and kills many of the villagers of Konoha.

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The fourth Hokage manages to free the nine tails from Tobi’s control. But the hatred which Kurama had for humans made it wreak havoc on the village even after being free. Kushina was planning to seal the tailed beast back inside and die along with it. Knowing that is not a feasible solution, Minato decides to separate Kurama’s chakra into two halves.

One half gets sealed in Minato and the other in Naruto. When the nine tails understood that he was going to be sealed inside Naruto, it tried to kill him. Both his parents saved Naruto in their last moments.

Kurama and Naruto

After Kushina’s death, Naruto becomes the nine tail jinchuriki. Naruto made use of the nine tails chakra for the first time in the battle against Haku. He then used Kurama’s chakra in the chunin exam against Orochimaru and Neji.

Kurama waited for Naruto to be consumed by extreme emotions so that it can unleash itself. Naruto grew the first tail during the first fight with Sasuke at the valley of the end. After that, during the three-year training with Jiraiya, Naruto attacks Jiraiya. When he grows four tails, Jiraiya gets injured.‌‌

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‌‌At the start of Naruto Shippuden, Naruto grew two tails when he found out about Gaara’s death. Kakashi stopped further growing of tails by a seal provided to him by Jiraiya. During the Tenchi Bridge arc, when Naruto meets Orochimaru, his hatred allows Kurama to take control of Naruto.

After finding out that he hurts Sakura while being in that form, Naruto decides not to rely on Kurama’s power. But, during Pain’s attack on the village and assuming Hinata to be dead, Naruto was about to give entire control to Kurama. His father, the Fourth Hokage, stops him. Kurama was enraged to see Minato.

When Naruto was trying to take control of Kurama’s power, extreme hate and anger started consuming him also. This shows that over the years, Kurama being used for other benefits made it hate humans. It was during the Great Fourth Ninja War when Kurama started respecting Naruto.

Kurama also used his powers for the greater good instead of destruction. Ultimately, Kurama believed in Naruto. He also realized that the person the sage of Six Paths predicted to be the link to bound all the tailed beast together is Naruto. Kurama’s power plays a great role in saving the world.

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