What Makes Kurosaki Ichigo So Special?

What makes Ichigo Kurosaki stands out from the rest?

What Makes Kurosaki Ichigo So Special?

The Bleach series created by Tite Kubo will forever be special for fans. The Shounen series was first started in 2001 and in 2004, Bleach was adapted into an anime series. Almost, a decade later, Bleach makes a stunning return with Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc.

The series protagonist Kurosaki Ichigo started his journey as a Substitute Shinigami and later became an integral part of Soul Society. In the beginning, people in Soul Society may view Ichigo as an outsider/ invader, but no one could deny his involvement and times unnumerable when he helped Gotei 13.

There are so many Shounen anime series, but Ichigo Kurosaki stands out from the rest. What makes Ichigo so appealing? Why is Kurosaki Ichigo the best Shounen Anime protagonist?

How is Ichigo different from other Shounen Characters?

the guy came to save the girl

Kurosaki Ichigo, the main character of Bleach was well-designed by the mangaka. Ichigo is a visual stunner with very sharp features and his Orange hair just looks so beautiful. Shame on the bullies who tried to bully Ichigo in school!

Kurosaki Ichigo’s spiky orange hair became a trademark and a distinguishable feature. In terms of Ichigo’s personality, he’s pretty chill and laid back.

Ichigo’s smile is one of the most precious things in Bleach. He can easily get influenced by his emotions and has sharp survival skills thanks to his instincts. Even Hollow Ichigo taunted him and made him aware of his killing instincts.

Ichigo at times can succumb to his guilt and being unable to protect people. This was quite evident when Rukia was taken for execution. Ichigo never hesitated once to join arms with Urahara Kisuke to invade the Soul Society just to bring back Rukia and prevent her execution.

the guy and the girl going to help others

It didn’t feel ok for Ichigo to live a life where Rukia had to sacrifice herself for him. Despite showing a “cool” and “uncaring” attitude, Ichigo cares a lot about everyone. It’s not just the people he knows, his kindness by default extends to anyone and everyone.

Ichigo Kurosaki was introduced as a guy who regularly took flowers for the dead girl whose spirit he could see before becoming the Soul Reaper. He wasn’t exactly happy when a bunch of bullies knocked over the flowers and gave them a beating to bring them to their senses.

Even this trivial action shows how much he cares about, be it the living or the dead. Although he kept saying it was none of his business, he did help Rukia even when he was not aware of the massive spiritual powers he possessed.

the boy kicking th intruder from his room

Kurosaki Ichigo was designed as a character who was stubborn, impulsive, short-tempered and strong-willed.

Over the years, his violent demeanour and short temper never go away. This was pretty funny in Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War when Ichigo kicked Ebern from his bed without a care.

To be fair, he did ask politely to get off his bed. You should never mess with Ichigo because when he gets serious, it could be devasting. Although Ichigo is a Shinigami, he always tends to exert the fact that he is a human.

“You've been calling me a Shinigami this whole time. I'm a Human!” - Kurosaki Ichigo

What makes Ichigo Kurosaki so Special?

Kurosaki Ichigo doesn’t care about fights or gaining more power like other shounen protagonists. He doesn’t have any specific goal or even wants to possess powers to subdue others.

the girl on the lookout

The only reason he wanted to get strong is to protect people, especially the ones close to him. This was quite surprising when Orihime left Ichigo’s side and unwillingly joined Aizen in Las Noches.

If you think, Ichigo would just causally let his friend get kidnapped, you have it all wrong. He’s fully aware that dealing with Arrancars and high-ranking Espada is a dangerous affair, but Ichigo would never leave Orihime in danger.

As usual, Ichigo directs an onslaught on Hueco Mundo to save his friend. Without a doubt, Ichigo is a very underrated character, even though the series is part of the “Big Top 3”.

Ichigo doesn’t like fights although he can be very Violent. Despite being the most OP character in Bleach, Ichigo doesn’t care about all that. He remains humble throughout and never flaunts his powers even in a fight.

Ichigo fights to win and protect everyone around him. He ever starts a fight, but when he gets challenged, he never backs down and wins.

One of the best things about Ichigo is that he’s aware of his strengths and weakness and has acknowledged his hot-headedness. He is outspoken and overly empathetic which makes him quite appealing.

two people fighting

Ichigo is a natural-born leader and can instantly motivate people around him. He is gifted and skilled in fights, and his athletic ability is helpful in that sense.

What makes Ichigo even cooler is that he doesn’t care about pride and ego; he just wants to do whatever he can to live his life peacefully. Challenge his peaceful life, and be prepared to get kicked off by Ichigo. His sassy nature and violence even add more to the charm.

Ichigo is violent but never goes off bullying others. He can easily win against fights, especially Kenpachi, but tries to escape from him. This shows he doesn’t like fighting without any reason or for fun.

Ichigo has a sense of self-loathing and a state of depression when he cannot protect his friends. When Orihime got attacked by the Arrancars, Ichigo was feeling down. He even went to seek help from the Vizards to control his inner hollow.

Ichigo has a strong sense of justice, especially in battles and would never do something that goes against his principles or honours. Ichigo was practically mortified when his Hollow self killed Ulquiro and desperately wanted to heal him so he can fight with him evenly.

a father-son moment

Ichigo has a complex relationship with his dad, Isshin Kurosaki. Even after finding out that Isshin is a shinigami, he never pressed his father for details. It’s not that he doesn’t care about him, but Ichigo gives his father the space and understanding that when the time is right, his father will tell him.

Although there is barely any romance, Ichigo can as well build his own harem if he wanted to, but no! Ichigo naturally attracts people (not just ladies) because of the way he is. He’s not complicated and like simple things in life.

Nel, the former Sixth Espada doesn’t like Soul Reapers but was quite clingy and attached to Ichigo. Ichigo Kurosaki is a character that fans have grown up with in Bleach and the best is yet to come.

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