Moments of Kyo and Tohru that will make your heart melt

Moments of Kyo and Tohru that will make your heart melt

Fruits Basket or Furuba is one of the most popular shoujo manga turned anime. The main protagonists are Kyo and Tohru among other characters. There have been moments between Kyo and Tohro that were worth nothing in the series.

Kyo and Toho are adorable together, but to think about how they first met was surprising. Kyo liked Tohru since the beginning and to think they were kids when they first met was somewhat not so original but acceptable.

Kyo met Tohru’s mom Kyoko when he was a kid, and Kyoko talked about Tohru with Kyo. Kyoko was enthusiastic to talk to Kyo but they mostly talked about Tohru. T was since then, Kyo was interested in Tohru.

He cared about her and even when to visit her to check up on her. When Tohru went missing, Kyo was frantic to search for her and was irritated because Yuki found her first. Kyo had only opened up to Kazuma and Kyoko was the second adult he actually cared about. Although grumpy. Kyo would often visit Kyoko when he was a kid.

One of the cutest moments between Kyo and Tohru was when they first met. Kyo was flustered when he saw Tohru. Maybe Kyo remembered Tohru instantly from his childhood memories. His reaction was definitely cute and he left Tohru wondering.

Tohru likes cats and when she found out that Kyo possesses the spirit of the cat, she accepted him without any questions. She even went as far as to say that the rat deceived the cat and thinks the cat should have been in the zodiac.

It was one of the warmest moments between Kyo and Tohru when she hugged Kyo and he transformed into a cat in front of her. Tohru adores Kyo from the very beginning and unlike Kyo, she has been upfront in her feelings for him.

She never pitied Kyo and had romantic feelings for him but was slow to realize it. Kyo has never been upfront about how he feels probably because he knew if the curse wasn’t broken, he would suffer the same fate as his predecessors.

Another precious moment Between Kyo And Tohru was when Kyo consoled Tohru and was worried about her. Tohru almost got a fever because of overthinking and Kyo was silently looking out for her.

It was nice to see Kyo so vocal about his feelings of care for Tohru. He wanted to assure Tohru that she can rely on others. It was an emotional moment between them.

Most of the time, Kyo just gets nervous and hesitates to approach Tohru. It was funny to see when Kyo gets surrounded by so many cats. Cats definitely love him and so does Tohru.

Another precious moment was when Kyo was on the School’s rooftop surrounded by his cat admirers, Tohru was beside him, carefully observing the scene and expressing her admiration toward Kyo. She was in awe because of the cats and how the cats like Kyo.

One of the cutest moments between Kyo and Tohru was when he directly asked Tohru if she has a crush on someone. Tohru became immensely shy and denied it instantly.

It was safe to assume that both of them started liking each other at this point, but neither of them was confident or honest about their feelings. Kyo even had the nerve to tell her that if she finds someone to fall in love with, he will help her out.

Maybe Kyo was dreading the fact that in the future he might get locked up. Which is one of the reasons he made a strong resolve to push Tohru away and occasionally kept his distance from her.

One of the happiest moments between Kyo and Tohru was at the beach when they all went together with other zodiac members. Tohru was feeling down as all the other zodiac members were called by Akito which made her very lonely.

She didn’t have any interaction with them and was left all alone. Kyo was with Tohru and the scene where they were at the beach making sandcastles was a relief to see Kyo caring about Tohru.

Kyo, though no good at words or expressing himself tried his best to cheer her up. He consoled her and encouraged her and briefly diverted her attention from the present.

After Tohru got hurt because of Akito, she was feeling more down than usual. She was not only hurt physically but emotionally as well. Somehow even Kyo was feeling upset because he was left out as well. This was one of the saddest moments between Kyo and Tohru where we can feel and see the emotional decrement in both of them.

Tohru tried to cheer herself and Kyo and diverted him by talking about fireworks. Kyo is aware of Tohru’s mom and has met her in the past. He somehow feels guilty about Kyoo’s death. It was a little heartbreaking to see Tohru try so hard.

Another painful moment between Kyo and Tohru was when she fell off the cliff after her confrontation with Akito. The entire fiasco started when Tohru realized she was in love with Kyo and on the other hand, Kyo was struggling with himself.

He felt guilty because of Kyoko’s death and blamed himself because he ran away. He started pushing off Tohru and tried to keep a distance. Tohru realized and feelings and confessed to Kyo, but only to be met with a strong rejection. He brutally rejected her and ran away.

Shortly after she meets Akito and gets stabbed. Yuki was the first one to discover a badly injured Tohru and shortly after Kyo found her lifeless and barely breathing. It was sad and painful to see Tohru confessing her feelings and crying in pain. Kyo kisses her and admits her love for her.

Later after recovering and mutually acknowledging each other’s feelings, Kyo and Tohru went to visit the grave of Tohru’s mom Kyoko.

It was then Tohru formally introduced Kyo to Tohru and declared that she loved him. It was one of the sweetest moments between Kyo and Tohru and as fans, you can see your ship finally sailing.

There have been many precious moments between Kyo and Tohru and the way they tease each other is so childish but cute. In an attempt to make Kyo feel better, she tries to bully him like an evil stepmother. Kyo teases him and tells her that she’s the one getting bullied here.

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