Why Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu Deserves Attention From Anime Fans?

Why Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu Deserves Attention From Anime Fans?

Can you imagine a vampire? An anime vampire is someone good-looking, charming, alluring, and extremely seductive. Well, that’s how the vampires are supposed to be. Prepare to change your mind with Draluc in Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu.

Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu or The Vampire Dies in No Time is a 2021 Fall anime that’s worth getting your attention. If you’re tired of too many Isekai plots and serious anime series, The Vampire Dies in No Time is worth the short.

Meet Ronald, a famous vampire hunter by the day and famous selling writer in his free time. Trying to save a boy from the clutches of the heinous vampire, Ronald stormed off into the infamous Dracula’s castle.

To Ronald’s surprise, he meets Draluc, the not so threatening vampire, and the so-called missing kid, happily playing at Draluc’s house.

Who is John?

Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu’s MVP most likely is the adorable John. John is an armadillo and a pet/friend of Draluc. After the mishap, Draluc’s castle got destroyed because of Ronald and the kid. Draluc starts living with Ronald and John.

You can never get enough of John’s cuteness and intelligence. There’s a slight twist to the infamous creature of the night Draluc. Draluc gets scared pretty much of everything and turns into dust. In a sense yeah, Draluc dies in no time, anything is possible to reduce him to dust.

Ronaldo & Draluc

vampire and human smiling
Draluc and Ronald

Despite the bickering between Ronaldo and Draluc, they get along very well. Sometimes, Ronaldo kills Draluc and turns him into ash. Although, Ronald doesn’t have any malicious intentions towards Draluc. In most cases, John is the mediator between them.

As for Draluc, he is kind and cares about John and by default, it’s extended towards Ronald as well. Draluc is fragile and loved by his family. Especially his grandpa. Draluc’s father dotes on him and comes to visit him at Ronald’s place.

The people around Ronald, the vampire hunters all seem to like Draluc. There was even a competition between Ronald and another vampire hunter, Senya to decide who will team up with Draluc.

Ronald’s Violent Editor Fukuma

Ronald is a famous novelist and creates books based on his activities and vampire hunter life. His editor is Fukuma who seems to have a very scary personality, carries a battle axe, and Ronald is extremely scared of dealing with his editor.

Following the popularity of his books, Fukuma wants the script completed on time, but Ronald can procrastinate a bit. This never goes well for Ronald as he earns the wrath of his scary editor who even locked him in a mummy-like tomb so that he can finish his draft.

Other Characters of Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu

Hinaichi works with the anti-vampire division and feels that Draluc could be a threat. She thought that Ronald was either colluding with Draluc or was under some kind of trance. Hinaichi investigates Draluc only to be disappointed.

Draluc calls her a beautiful lady. Tou Handa is Ronald’s schoolmate and hates Ronald with a passion. Handa’s mom is an admirer and fan of Ronald’s book. Ronald and Handa’s mom went on a meet and greet together, which Handa tried to spoil, but wasn’t successful.

Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu is a light-hearted anime series that’s quite refreshing to watch. Catch up with Ronald, Draluc, John, and others in Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu or The Vampire Dies in No Time.

Season 1 has finished aired along with Season 2 and it’s quite entertaining. The show can be a bit dark and have no mercy towards Dracul in most situations. John is a personal all-time favourite character who holds the glue in the anime and why not; he's adorable.

The interaction between Draluc and Ronald shows the friendship ties between a vampire and a human which is the main setting of the show. The characters are weirdly unique and enjoyable if you can digest the excess corny humor and shenanigans!

Have fun watching Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu! Happy Binging both Season 1 & Season 2!