5 Reasons Why Lucy Heartfilia Is The Most Attractive Shonen Female Protagonist

5 Reasons Why Lucy Heartfilia Is The Most Attractive Shonen Female Protagonist

Lucy Heartfilia is one of the main characters in Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail barely needs any introduction.

Mashima Hiro, Fairy Tail creator made many interesting characters, and Lucy Heartfilia is one of them. There are many female shonen protagonists, but Lucy is quite different from others.

Rather than playing a damsel in distress who always needs saving, Lucy Heartfilia is one hell of a lady who can give a good fight and is pretty capable of protecting herself.

Lucy and Natsu make a good team, followed by Happy is the ultimate fairy Tail team who has faced many adversities together.

1. Confident and Prideful

One of the many qualities that make Lucy Heartfilia the most attractive Shonen female protagonist is her charm and confidence.

Lucy is never overconfident, and she never shows off her power and strength.

She is prideful and takes pleasure in presenting herself as a confident and prideful person taking care of her appearance.

Lucy is ambitious and left home to figure out her life and have independence.

Lucy pursues her dream of becoming a writer and traveling all around the world.

Although she has a superficial attitude, we can forgive this aspect of Lucy Heartfilia as her other qualities make up for it.

2. Compassionate towards others

Lucy Heartfilia is the second person who possesses celestial keys and has 10 out of 12 celestial spirit keys.

Although she has power, she never treated her keys and spirits like shields and always treated them as friends.

Rather than a master-slave attitude, she wanted to be friends with her celestial spirits.

Lucy Heartfilia would go to any lengths to protect her spirits and it can be seen when she went against the Spirit King to protect Loki /Leo when he broke the rules.

Lucy can be very determined when she makes up her mind. Natsu, Happy, and others often drop by her home unannounced, but Lucy never kicks them out although she does get annoyed with Natsu.

3. Keen Intellect

specs girl reading books

Unlike Natsu who can be quite brash and head towards a problem without a solution, Lucy is different in this aspect.

Lucy is an intelligent wizard of Fairy Tail. Lucy possesses a keen intellect, good logic, and deduction skills. She is a geek, an avid reader, and loves to write.

Lucy was the person who suggested the use of the weakness of dragon slayers against Acnologia.

It was Lucy who solved the riddle and reached Mavis Vermillion’s grave during the S-class test.

Time and again, Lucy has used her intellectual skills to get out of difficult situations.

I made a promise to live on for the sake of my future self!!! I'm going to see many more sunsets... and shed countless more tears of joy and sadness!!” -Lucy Heartfilia

4. Combat Skills

Lucy Heartfilia has many skills other than being a celestial wizard. Rather than being dependent on her magical abilities and intellectual skills, Lucy possesses good combat skills.

Lucy Heartfilia has given some of the tough fights against competitors to win even when the odds were against her.

Despite Lucy’s fragile appearance, she has immense sheer physical power and strong willpower.

Although, Lucy tries to avoid fighting, when required she can’t be taken lightly.

Lucy is capable of using her whip against attackers and even good at hand-to-hand combat skills.

5. Fierce Loyalty

Lucy Heartfilia is the definition of loyalty in Fairy Tail.

Lucy was aware of the future events when Fairy Tail and others die.

She travels back in time to warn her friends about the Eclipse project to save everyone. Lucy Heartfilia sacrifices herself to save present-day Lucy.

Lucy is always loyal to fairy Tail and her guild members.

Her loyalty is extended to her celestial spirits.

Faced in a tough situation, she was willing to sacrifice herself, but Aquarius sacrificed herself to keep Lucy safe.

Lucy was heartbroken when Aquarius met a tragic fate.

When Natsu loses his senses due to anger and grief, Lucy is one of the people who knock her into his senses.

In a true sense, Lucy Heartfilia is one of the best female protagonists in the Shonen universe.

Lucy Heartfilia is beautiful with brains and a charming appeal.

What makes Lucy so appealing and attractive is her use of brains, geeky nature, and beautiful persona.

She‘s not just limited to outer beauty but is a real genuine character who can at times be a bit naive.