Top 14 Funny Moments Of Luffy That’ll Have You Laughing Out Loud

Top 14 Funny Moments Of Luffy That’ll Have You Laughing Out Loud

One Piece is an action-packed tale that follows Monkey D. Luffy, a young boy who aspires to be the Pirate King. Luffy is the Straw Hat Pirates' commander and their most powerful member of the group.

Luffy is usually engaged in an enjoyable hobby when he is not fighting villains or defending his buddies. Luffy is a laid-back character that constantly strives to have a good time.

Luffy has given the audience plenty of reasons to laugh multiple times. Luffy's shenanigans are a source of delight for fans, so here are some of his most humorous One Piece moments.

1. Impersonating Chopper

Many crew members were against Nico Robin because they still did not trust her after she joined. Sanji, Chopper, and Luffy had already boarded the ship.

Usopp, Zoro, and Nami made the decision not to fall for Robin's tricks, but the former member of Baroque Works was able to convince Nami by offering her gems that she had taken from Crocodile.

Usopp and Zoro were left behind. Robin grew two arms on Luffy's skull after using her devil fruit powers on him.

Usopp responded to Luffy's appeal by recognizing him as Chopper, which had the sniper in fits of laughter.

2. Knocking Zoro Off The Ship

Luffy is able to go great distances by launching himself like a rocket because of his incredibly flexible limbs.

He can also reach out and grab something or someone. Sanji instructed Luffy to take a handful of the birds as they flew by ship.

As Luffy's arm was reshaping after catching the birds with his devil fruit body, Zoro was accidentally knocked from the ship and into the water.

3. Insulting Zoro

The Straw Hats regretted leaving Vivi behind once they had gotten away from the Navy in Alabasta.

Except for Zoro, who remarked that if the crew missed Vivi so much, they should have taken her by force, everyone was unhappy. Zoro's actions caught the crew off guard, and they started calling him insultingly.

While Zoro was the target of jokes from Chopper, Nami, and Sanji, Luffy also made the decision to try.

He finally referred to Zoro as "Santoryu," but Usopp corrected him and stated it wasn't an insult. Another attempt was made by Luffy, who dubbed Zoro "Yontoryu" this time.

4. Imitating Sanji

Luffy makes excellent impressions. He has performed various impressions of his crew colleagues throughout the course of the series.

When Crocodile imprisoned the crew in the Alabasta arc, he initially impersonated Sanji at that time.

Usopp laughed out loud when he saw Luffy's convincing impersonation of Sanji. During the Skypiea storyline, Luffy once again copied Sanji.

5. Couldn't Recognize Foxy

It's well known that Luffy is illiterate. Luffy has demonstrated multiple times that he is unable to identify faces.

Foxy showed up in front of the crew as they were looking for him, disguised, and everyone save Luffy realizes it is Foxy.

Luffy tries to talk to Foxy, thinking he is Foxy's sister and stops Sanji just before he is about to assault Foxy.

Foxy decides to take advantage of the circumstance and makes an attempt to attack Luffy, but Zoro stops him.

After his attack is thwarted, Foxy throws the outfit away and confesses his identity to Luffy, who becomes enraged at being duped once more.

6. Imitating Zoro

Roronoa Luffy and Zoro are close pals. Despite the fact that the two have been travelling together for a while, Luffy continued to imitate Zoro.

As Usopp, Sanji, and Luffy searched for the rest of the crew, Luffy thought they could use a laugh. He so made the choice to mimic Zoro.

He gave a flawless impersonation of Zoro as he made fun of his flexibility regarding when he slept.

7. Drinking A Glass Of Water With His Booger

The floating eatery known as Baratie was discovered by the Straw Hats as they carried on their navigation across the East Blue.

Soon after they arrived, Fullbody and Luffy got into a quick fight, with the former diverting a cannonball to the restaurant's roof.

As a result, Luffy was forced to serve customers in the restaurant while the rest of the team dined.

Luffy was enraged because he couldn't eat the food, so he flung a booger into Zoro's water glass.

Luffy was grinning triumphantly as Zoro picked up the glass, but his joy was short-lived as Zoro compelled him to drink the water.

8. Are You Bege?

Despite being an extremely intelligent combatant, Luffy typically takes a long time to grasp concepts.

It was anticipated that Luffy's meeting with Capone Bege would go smoothly. They had to wait for Bege to show up when Luffy and the others got to the Fire Tank Pirates' lair.

Meanwhile, Luffy made an effort to appear serious and started enquiring about nearby people to see whether they were Bege.

He started by asking Chiffon if she was Bege before moving on to Pez. Finally, he inquired as to everyone else's relationship with Bege.

Nami and Chopper were furious at their captain's foolishness, and this infuriated them both.

9. Do Skeletons Poop?

The series has often shown that Luffy is not a genius. Luffy opted to make advantage of his capacity to ask inquiries in this particular scene.

Luffy asked the skeleton whether he could poop when they first encountered Brook on the Ghost ship.

Sanji reacted angrily to Luffy's query, saying that there are more crucial inquiries to do before finding out whether the skeleton can use his excretory system.

10. Pushing The Zombie Back In

One of the funniest arcs in One Piece is Thriller Bark.

The scene in which Luffy and his friends observe a zombie trying to escape his grave is undoubtedly the funniest in the entire arc.

Luffy made the decision to push the zombie back into his grave while the other Straw Hats were staring at it, but the zombie just stood back up.

Being the dimwit that he is, Luffy assumed the zombie was an elderly man with a wound.

11. Easily Convinced By Law

Little did the Straw Hats realize that Trafalgar Law, who had joined the Shichibukai, would be waiting for them when they arrived on Punk Hazard.

Law made a decision to offer Luffy something. Robin warned her captain that pirate alliances don't usually work out well because there are a lot of betrayals when Law encouraged Luffy to create one.

When Law heard this, he was asked if he would betray Luffy, and he gave the affirmative.

After hearing Law's response, Luffy was filled with pride and once more displayed his gullibility.

12. Leaving Franky Confused

Both Franky and Luffy have distinct senses of humour. Both of them have been entertaining fans for many years.

Luffy's multifaceted skills allowed him to quiet Franky on Fish-Man Island.

While Franky was describing how Tom's brother was painting the ship, Luffy surmised that a shipwright was applying the coating to Franky's brother.

13. Unaffected By Mero Mero no Mi

Luffy ended up in Amazon Lily after Bartholomew Kuma dispatched the Straw Hats. Given that only women lived there, it was the worst possible situation.

The Amazonians, who were led by Boa Hancock, caught Luffy.

Boa Hancock attempted to petrify Luffy during their fight using the power of Mero Mero no Mi, but it was unsuccessful.

Boa was shocked by this and tried again, but the outcome remained the same.

As a result, Luffy hung his head in perplexity because he wasn't entirely sure what was going on.

14. Signing Up For The Coliseum

The Straw Hats were charged with eliminating Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo in the Dressrosa storyline.

The Straw Hats, on the other hand, had disguises on them because they had to conceal their identity.

When Luffy learned that the Mera Mera no Mi was up for grabs in the Corrida Coliseum, he was astonished.

Given that the devil fruit belonged to his late brother Portgas D. Ace, he was aware that he must not allow it to fall into the wrong hands.

He, therefore, made the decision to enter the competition.

Thankfully, a smack from Franky reminded Luffy not to write his own name when filling out the entry form, and he joined the contest as Lucy.

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