Why Is Major Louis Armstrong A Strong Arm Alchemist?

There were a lot of strong characters in FMA but Colonel Armstrong was the star. Read the full article to know more.

Why Is Major Louis Armstrong A Strong Arm Alchemist?

Major Alex Louis Armstrong was a state Alchemist and officer in the Armestrian State Military. He was also known as the ‘Strong Arm Alchemist’. He first appeared in episode 13 of the 2003 anime. Alex was a remarkably caring and kind commander and friend. He was a skilled ally to Colonel Roy Mustang and Edward Elric.


Unlike other characters in FMA, Alex was remarkably large and strong in comparison. He was a man with a big stature, who towered over most of the other characters. His big physique was usually hidden beneath his uniform. He was exceptionally sculpted and well-defined. He seemed to have blonde hair just like his other family members.

Personality Of Strong Arm Alchemist

Despite his big stature and bold physique, he was a soft-hearted person. He was considered to be expressive and emotional. He knew how to handle his, as well as other people’s emotion. He could quickly burst into tears of sorrow, compassion or joy.

He was so caring and kind that sometimes he went out of his way to provide aid to other people. He often looked into the pain of his friends, subordinates or family. He tried his best to help his loved ones even if he had to go through losses himself.

As a member of the Armstrong family, he took pride in the very work provided to him. He was extremely serious and proud of his body as it helped him in completing the military tasks provided to him.

A man showing of his muscles
Louis Armstrong

Alex being himself, was very respectful to his seniors and a stern protector of others. Although being bold in his physical stature, the thought of death affected him a lot.

He was affected by every death whether it was an innocent stranger or a friend of his. He was very open about his emotions and could shed tears in front of anyone and everyone.

Being a master in every field, he majorly helped everyone in other things like cross-country running, trekking, and wood chopping. These extraordinary skills were passed down the Armstrong family like the Combat Alchemy. This skill has been passed down the generations of the Armstrong family.

Each and every member was skilled in the Combat Alchemy. Whenever he fought, he always announced his technique as the Armstrong Technique. His older sister, Olivier Mira Armstrong was usually hard on her only brother, especially after the Ishval War.

Alex on his part is extremely respectful to his sister. Even though Olivier was hard on her brother, she had complete faith in him. She trusted that he would always do the right thing no matter what. He had good relations with Colonel Roy Mustang, Edward and Alphonse Elric and Sig Curtis.

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