Mary Saotome, The Deuteragonist of The Show

Mary Saotome was quite an interesting character in the anime. However, was she a good deuteragonist? read to know more

Mary Saotome, The Deuteragonist of The Show

Mary Saotome, the protagonist in the spin-off series that is Kakegurui Twin is a student at the Hyakkou Private Academy. She is Ryota Suizou and Yumeko Jabami's classmate and friend. A deuteragonist, she is the second most important character in the show. She is the first character who challenges Yumeko Jabami. Mary is a blonde-haired girl who wears the standard Hyakkaou red dress and black blazer.

“The Deuteragonist”

At first, Mary Saotome was shown as a sadistic character who was twisted in her own ways. She used to treat Ryota very harshly after he became the “house pet”, which was considered to be a very low place at the academy.

The house pet system was introduced by the student council in the academy whose head is Kirari Momobami. She was shown torturing every fellow mate of hers who had debts to the council which made them turn house pets in the first place.

She was very egoistical both in and out of the match and liked to make fun of her opponent and knock them down before they have the opportunity to notice what was going on.

Mary got very excited when she realised that the match was in her favor. But this behaviour of hers changed when she lost to Yumeko and lived the life of a house pet.

She faced the exact humiliation she gave the other house pets and for the first time got to know their state of mind. The humiliation she faced left her in a dark place. Soon after being humiliated, she lost all her pride and attitude.

She had a mental breakdown while she was in a match with Yuriko and fell into a state of grief and shame. But as days passed by, she became normal and never got that cranky attitude of hers back.

She even became friends with Ryota and Yumeko. She sometimes got irritated by Ryota’s stupid behaviour and Yumeko’s reckless one in her matches but still, she cared deeply for them.

She always put them before her gambling bets and debts. Her love for her friends was seen when she staked her entire money to save Yumeko from the poison given to her by the two sisters of the Momobami clan.

As the show moves forward, she develops a huge hatred towards the student council and wanted them to pay for their deeds. She didn’t like the life planner they made for her and Yumeko as it took away their basic freedom. It started with whom they were going to marry and when.

Mary Saotome was the one who discovered that Kirari had a twin sister Ririka who was the vice president of the student council. As the next season approaches, it is revealed that Mary is not from a very wealthy family and attends the Hyakkaou Academy on a scholarship.

The only goal she had in her life was to be the winner as this was taught to her by her parents. She wanted to be the ultimate winner at the academy too. She took immense pleasure in defeating her opponents and has major pride in her intelligence and gambling strategies. But the fact that Yumeko actually brought a change in Mary’s personality and made her good at heart shows that she had the ability to change.

Is Mary A Tsundere?

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When not gambling, Yumeko is polite and friendly to others whereas Mary is an abrasive Tsundere. She is not at all soft-spoken. Earlier she didn't even have any friends until Yumeko came into her life. After that, the only friend she had was Yumeko and Ryota.

Does Tsuzura Have A Crush On Mary?

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Tsuzura often feels strong admiration towards Mary and considers her "her prince" after winning a rematch, which seems to imply her feelings are romantic in nature. Her interactions with Mary also allowed her to gain more confidence and become a better gambler.

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