Megumi is Literally The Sibling We All Want!!!

Megumi is Literally The Sibling We All Want!!!

Fruits Baskets have many different characters, but Megumi holds a special place. Megumi Hanajima is one of the supporting characters in the Fruits Basket series and is the sibling of Saki Hanajima.

Megumi is literally the sibling we all want. He is supportive, quiet, and calm and means well to her sister and her friends. If you’re curious about what’s so special about Megumi, do watch Fruits Basket to know more. Megumi Hanajima is kind towards Tohru and Arisa Uotani.

Megumi and her sister saki

When Megumi was introduced first, he looked like a replica of her sister. However, Megumi and Saki are quite different from each other. There’s a reason why Megumi is literally the sibling we all want.

Don’t get scared of Megumi’s appearance. As both the Hanajima siblings are into black, it really suits them.

Megumi and saki with tohru and arisa

Megumi is quite similar to his elder sister Saki. in the Fruits Basket series, Megumi is a middle-school student who’s introduced as a mysterious character who likes black and can cast curses on people.

Megumi is a cute little sibling who has a light complexion and droopy eyes. He has short wavy black hair which makes Megumi a cute little sibling that is shy.

Megumi and saki

One of the cutest things about Megumi is that he is a very quiet boy. He is portrayed as an ominous character. Megumi is seen as a sneaky and shady character which qualifies him as a younger sibling.

Megumi as a sibling is very adorable, although he can be mean to the people he doesn’t like. Although Megumi is the younger sibling, he often displays the character of a mature elder sibling.

Megumi smug face

Megumi is kind and very considerate. He is loyal and this is one of the reasons why Megumi is literally the sibling we all want. He’s a sibling that would be fun to cherish, fight and play with.

Megumi cares about his friends and often acts as a bodyguard to Tohru, Arisa, and Saki. Megumi is an eccentric person and often catches people off guard with what he says. He was also seen scaring off people from the fan club in Yuki.

Megumi gets flustered around mature women.

tohru with her besties

Megumi was raised in a loving household. He is close to his sister Saki. Megumi supported her sister Saki when she was bullied in school for having powers.

He prayed that her sister meets one person who would truly support her and accept her the way she is. His prayers were soon answered and Tohru and Arisa become friends with Saki. they accepted Saki despite knowing about her powers.

When Arisa was heartbroken and crashed at Saki’s, both Saki and Megumi were concerned about her. Megumi is really fond of Arisa and Tohru and considers them good friends.

Sometimes what Megumi says and how he acts don’t match, but Megumi has a knack for surprising people. Megumi is considerate and cheers up her sister and her friends. He treasures Saki, Arisa, and Tohru.

He is a cute little sibling that Saki is lucky to have. He is protective towards them and often seems reliable and mature.

So yes, Megumi is literally the sibling we all want. He would be fun to be around and would be lovable to tease.