Megumi's Ten Shadows Technique & Domain Expansion Explained

A complete breakdown of Megumi's Ten Shadows Technique and his Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden

Megumi's Ten Shadows Technique & Domain Expansion Explained

Megumi Fushiguro is the deuteragonist of the popular manga and anime series Jujutsu Kaisen. A first-year student at Tokyo Jujustsu High, Megumi is also a descendant of the Zenin family.

Megumi entered Jujutsu High as a grade 2 sorcerer.

He is considered to have high potential by Satoru Gojo, Noritoshi Kamo, Mai Zenin, and even the king of all curses, Ryomen Sukuna.

Let’s break down Megumi’s innate abilities and Domain Expansion.

Ten Shadows Technique

Ten Shadows is a technique developed by the Zenin family that uses shadows to generate shikigami and can handle ten at once. Shikigami are familiar curses conjured and controlled by jujutsu users.

Megumi can utilize this method to make advanced shikigami and hide objects, as well as oneself, in shadows. Once conquered, the shikigami are completely under their master's control and can be called with hand gestures that create a shadow puppet of the familiar in question.

The shadows serve as a conduit for the shikigami conjuration, reflecting the user's hand-woven shadow puppet and generating the shikigami from tangible liquid shadows using cursed energy.

The user can continue the ritual again to exorcise and gather up to 10 different shikigami after gaining more familiars. When entirely destroyed, Shikigami of the 10 shadows cannot be called again. The shikigami's power, on the other hand, is inherited by others.

If one of the Divine Dog shikigami dies, the other will acquire their power and be able to summon them in a significantly more ferocious form. Any shikigami summoned by mixing two separate shadows, such as The Well's Unknown Abyss, is an exception to this rule.

Divine Dogs

The Divine Dogs are a pair of twin hounds capable of ripping curses apart and consuming them with their fangs. Each of the dogs has the ability to sense curses and will alert their master if one approaches.

They can also use their tracking talents to locate lost allies and destinations. The white hound was killed by a Finger bearer.

Divine Dog: Totality

totality saving megumi

Totality is a better version of the black Divine Dog shikigami that has inherited the power of the fallen white Divine Dog. It can be summoned via Megumi Fushiguro's Ten Shadows technique and is strong enough to fight special-grade cursed spirits.


Nue is a winged shikigami with electric-shock wings and amazing speed. It can assist its master by carrying them while flying to boost their mobility. Additionally, it can attack with its hefty electric-charged wings, shocking and momentarily paralyzing anyone it hits. It's extremely powerful in combination assaults with other Shikigami or for catching opponents placed in high places off guard.

Great Serpent

Orochi is a huge snake shikigami that can destroy a target in a matter of seconds. It emerges from the shadows and immobilizes the target in its mouth, resulting in a successful surprise attack.

The Great Serpent can also immobilize its target owing to its huge size. Sukuna broke apart Megumi's Great Serpent during a battle and completely destroyed it.


Toad is mostly useful in immobilizing its targets. Megumi once used it to rescue Kugisaki Nobara from the jaws of death.

The Well’s Unknown Abyss

This is the combination of Nue and Toad. Using this Shikigami gives the toad wings and the ability to fly. Megumi used it against a battle with Aoi Todo

Max Elephant

This is an elephant that can release large amounts of water from its trunk. Megumi acquired it just before the Goodwill arc. It can also crush its opponents with its weight. However, it requires a lot of cursed energy.

Rabbit Escape

As the name suggests, Megumi uses this one when he needs to escape. Releasing this technique unleashes a swarm of rabbits towards the opponent, allowing the user to make a quick escape.

Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga

mahoraga summoned by megumi

Mahoraga is the most powerful shikigami that no one in the Zenin Family has ever been able to subdue. It wields the Sword of Extermination and is capable of adapting to any and all phenomena. Megumi summoned it during the Shibuya Arc and only Sukuna was able to go up against it.

Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden

Chimera Shadow Garden is the Domain Expansion of Ten Shadows Technique by Megumi. He first manifested it by imagining himself going beyond his limits when he was up against a finger bearer.

While still incomplete, Chimera Shadow Garden fills the space with thick fluid shadows. The user can manifest any number of shinigami's within it and perform advanced manipulation of multiple shadows.