Why is Meiko Shiraki The Best Disciplinarian for The Boys?

Why is Meiko Shiraki The Best Disciplinarian for The Boys?

Meiko Shiraki is a third-year student at Hachimitsu Academy. She’s also the vice president of the underground student council and a close friend of Mari Kurihara. She’s appointed as the disciplinarian to the five boys. They were found guilty of peeping at the girls and punished.

Meiko Shiraki enjoys inflicting pain on others and is a misandrist much like the other members of the underground student council. She has grey hair and wears a very revealing school uniform. Throughout the series, we see her physically punishing the five boys during detention.

Now, let us have a look at 5 moments that shows why she’s the best disciplinarian you can ever get.

1. Punishment for breaking the shed to Kiyoshi and Gakuto

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When Meiko Shiraki finds out that Kiyoshi and Gakuto broke the shed. She punishes them. Meiko gives a choice between head or tails which puzzles both the boys. Eventually, Gakuto decides to go with heads and Kiyoshi with tails.

This is when Meiko removes the riding crop from her uniform and strikes Gakuto at his knees.He falls down and she sits on her face and hits Kiyoshi on his back with her riding crop. She keeps on performing the squats on his face while hitting Kiyo. The weight of her body on his face was ‘heads’ for Gakuto and Kiyoshi’s hits on his back were ‘tails’.

2. Meiko’s Intelligence and keen Observation

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The plan of Kiyoshi breaking out for a little time to go out with Chiyo came to light due to Meiko’s intelligence. She was the one who checked the bag that Kiyoshi had and found Gakuto’s hair and Chiyo’s uniform. A few more instances in the series also prove Meiko observed the boys keenly to make sure they were in the line.

3. She made Shingo an Informant

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Meiko made Shingo an informant so that he could relay the conversation happening inside the prison. In exchange for this, he received better food than the rest of the boys. Not only this, it was due to Shingo that Meiko came across Gakuto’s figurines.

With all the help from Shingo, he got time off from prison as well. Meiko made it sound like a fair deal but in the long run, he was being used to expel all the other boys from the school.

4. Not Punishing Andre

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After Meiko Shiraki found out about the contents of Andre’s diary, she did not punish him anymore. Andre was a form of his own pain or humiliation and hence not receiving the brutal blows was extremely dissatisfying for him. So much so that when Meiko calls punishment time, Andre goes out of the boundaries committing a breakout just to get pleasure from the physical pain.

5. Arm Wrestling Match

Meiko Shiraki vs Andre arm wrestling match

Meiko Shiraki had the brute strength in her to discipline all five boys. Apart from the hundred push-ups and squats that shows how strong she is. Her arm wrestling match with all five boys was one of the highlights of her power.

All the four boys' match of arm wrestling against her was over in just a few seconds. It was just Andre who could match her strength and gave an equal match against her. It was her strength that drove the riding crop of hers to hit harder.

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