5 Reasons Why is Midari off her rocker

5 Reasons Why is Midari off her rocker

The high school gambling series "Kakegurui" has slowly increased in popularity among Netflix's users since joining the streaming service's increasing repertoire of anime. Yumeko Jabami, a transfer student at Hyakkaou Private Academy, is at the core of "Kakegurui".

Hyakkaou is not like any other high school in that its pupils' social standing is decided by various sorts of gambling. Yumeko, it turns out, is both addicted to and talented at gambling, making her an ideal fit for this one-of-a-kind high school.

In fact, Yumeko is the series' most popular fan-favorite character, mirroring her developing popularity within the Hyakkaou student population in the show's fiction.

Yumeko squares out against several of her fellow students, each of whom has some form of character-defining quirk, during the course of the two seasons of "Kakegurui" that have been released thus far. Midari Ikishima, a character that has recently proven controversial among some "Kakegurui" fans, is one of Yumeko's challengers.

Ikishima Midari sparked both intrigue and horror in both the audience and the other characters. Yumeko and Mary are both intense, forceful, and wickedly intelligent, but Midari was on another level entirely. While the story and Yumeko both have a sadistic streak running through them, Midari took it to its logical conclusion.

1. Midari enjoys death and violence

Midari, who is awakened by violence, bloodlust, and the excitement of high-stakes gambling, demonstrates the opposite side of the coin when it comes to the school. While the majority of the violence and danger is always present but slightly suppressed, she amps it up and puts it right in your face.

While Yumeko happily associates with other series stars Mary Saotome and Ryota Suzui, Midari is irritated about being left out. Midari first gambles her life with Yumeko in Season 1 Episode 6, after which she develops an obsession with Yumeko, resulting in her jealousy.

For what it's worth, commenters on this post expressed a wide range of feelings towards Midari.

One comment, for example, says,

"Me, alone in the post comments, literally completely love Midari: hhhh."

This is the most-upvoted comment on the topic, indicating that, contrary to what the author claims, many of their fellow viewers enjoy Midari as well. Meanwhile, another individual attempted to justify their intense reactions to Midari's persona.

"People find Midari unsettling because she is a masochistic yandere on a FEMALE heroine. But if she's a yandere on a male one, they'd lose their s*** and turn her into a wonderful waifu. (I despise yandere.) I adore her as a plot device/character. I despise her as an in-world psychopath".

They wrote — yandere, which refers to a specific stock character type (through TV Tropes) that perfectly depicts Midari.

2. Her constant change in decisions during the game

Midari has a constant urge to change her decisions while gambling. This indecisiveness of her often leads others to problems. Midari has struggled with anhedonia and hedonism for years, succumbing to her basic desires in enormous amounts to reassure herself that she is human.

Nobody seems to care about her because of her unstable demeanor and constant exposure to people with indifferent tendencies such as Kirari and Runa, therefore she has felt alienated.

3. Midari seems disformed

Midari's periodically slurred and theatrical speech supports the notion that she is uninterested in her surroundings, but it could also suggest a disability.

She appears slightly malformed, but this may be inaccurate given that most of the characters have strange designs, and she is very basic, narrow-minded, and instinctual, which is characteristic of persons with weak cognitive abilities, but this is likely related to her other issues as well.

Midari occasionally reveals other characters' anxieties in a direct but realistic manner, as in her talk with Yumemi in Season 2, Episode 5 and her portrayal of Sayaka's background, but this occurs infrequently because she is typically distracted in her own thoughts or unfeeling for people.

It's possible that her obsessive obsessions conceal true intelligence. She is, at the very least, immature for her age.

4. Midari's personality is weird

Midari's appearance is a mix of trendy and disheveled, implying that she tries to captivate men but isn't particularly good at it, perhaps owing to a lack of interest, poor motor skills, or a misunderstanding of other people's desires in relation to her own.

She puts her lust onto others since it is the only sensation she knows, and she aspires for her peers to have the same joy, which is similar to Jabami's attitude toward gambling.

This is one of the primary reasons Midari appeals to her. This manifests itself in some ways as a lesbian crush on her, and her design reflects this partially due to its tomboyish traits. Her voice is a little androgynous, which could be intentional, as it is with many lesbians.

Her asymmetrical eyes may indicate her contradictory existence, with the bare eye symbolizing the outward and the concealed eye representing the interior. It could indicate her duality as a whole rather than specific contrasts, or vice versa.

Her headdress has hearts on it, signifying that she needs love yet is mentally ill. Midari appears desperate and secluded, thus she may be accustomed to people's disgust for her and unfamiliar with good emotions such as love.

One of the numerous afflictions she lies to herself about is the pain of being despised; to cope, she convinces herself that she enjoys it. Nonetheless, she is not wholly unfeeling, as evidenced by her investment in Jabami and lecture to Yumemi about her lack of skill.

5. Midari's name explains her well

"Midari" translates to "reckless" and "chaotic," while Ikishima means "hope," "aspiration," "intention," "motivation," "plan," "resolve," "shilling," and "to wear," according to the Kakegurui wiki.

Midari's forename is directly relevant to her actions, but her surname is mysterious and ironic; she is unsure of her own goals, yet her surname conveys a firm sense of purpose.

However, when combined with her surname, this makes more sense because her aims are stubborn, insane, and counterintuitive. On the other hand, the word "to wear" could refer to Midari's trendy appearance and role.

Furthermore, the girl "wears" her oddity as a badge of honor, and she is "worn" out as a result of her circumstances and obstacles. In essence, Midari not only has a hyperbolic personality, but she also subverts a well-known character archetype, which explains the intensity of viewers' positive and negative reactions toward her.

Fans have often mentioned the fact that they love-hate Midari because of her split personality.

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