Is Midari Ikishima the Wildest Character?

Even though being a supporting character, she has been a wild one. Read the full article to know more.

Is Midari Ikishima the Wildest Character?

Midari Ikishima is a supporting character in Kakegurui and the main protagonist of Kakegurui Midari, the spin-off series of Kakegurui. She is a second-year student at Hyakkaou Private Academy.

Midari Ikishima is even the head of the Beautification Committee which means she is in charge of making sure no one crosses their lines in ethics and moral rules. But honestly, she is really not interested in her fulfilling her duty. Instead, she is a thrill-seeker.

She loves to take risks, especially which include life and death. Midari has no regard for human life. She enjoys betting on her mortal life instead of money. There is mostly not much gossip about how she gambles as her gambling matches are insane.

As for where other students go for high bets and physical damages she straight away goes for life and death bets. Her matches are more about life and death and less about the money to be won.

Her personal favorite is Russian Roulette, not because she wants her opponent dead but because she wants to die herself and blame her opponent as the murderer.

The main thing about Midari’s matches is her games are usually rigged so she is most likely to lose every game of hers and her opponent won’t get hurt but except for the fact, she will be labelled as a murderer.

But this insane behavior labelled of hers comes from the fact that she used to win everything very easily before she got involved in the student council business so now she does not enjoy the excitement of her winning.

Instead, she likes to risk her life as she thinks that the only way to feel that thrill again is if she will feel pain in her life.

She is very masochistic and is capable of suicidal tendencies which are clearly shown when she takes out her own eye with a pen to pay off her debt to Kirari Momobami. The fact that no one wanted to play her sadistic games she got even more desperate to play.

How Did Midari Lose Her Eye?

a girl smiling widely with pen in her hand

Midari lost a gambling match with Kirari Momobami and was in debt and wouldn't be fit behavior for a life plan, Kirari commanded her to instead pay with her own eye out. Midari's psychotic nature leads fit her to stab her own eye out with an ink pen in order to pay off the debt to the President.

Does Midari Have A Mental Illness?

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Midari's mental issues are full-on displayed throughout the whole series. Lead track leads of her earnings. Plunging herself into financial debt would be bad for her, but she isn't satisfied. She can end her own life to win therefore, she has no regard for her own life.

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