Mikasa Ackerman's 10 Badass Moments

Mikasa Ackerman's 10 Badass Moments

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the best soldiers of humanity. Here are the 10 best moments of Mikasa Ackerman that you should know about.

Mikasa Ackerman hails from the Ackerman clan that fosters brilliant and skilled soldiers.

She has the “Ackerman power” which is a power of enlightenment of knowing precisely what to do, as Levi Ackerman.

Adding on to that, she is a phenomenal fighter and a loyal friend. Mikasa is the kind of female character that we would want to be friends with.

Not only is she loyal, but on many occasions, she’s shown her faithfulness by protecting her loved ones, especially Eren Yeager.

She’s also the kind of person you should never go against because you’ll be dead before you know it. No one powers through as she does.

She’s as refined as they come, even after enduring childhood trauma which forced her to face the acrid truth about her life.

Yet she never gave in to the trauma as she was fostered by the lovely Yeager family, who unfortunately met a sad end.

On that note, here are 10 best moments of Mikasa Ackerman that you should know:

1. When She Avenged Her Parents and Saved Eren

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A 9-year-old Mikasa was subjected to unfortunate circumstances; with her parents being murdered and then getting kidnapped.

Eren and his father tried their best to save her, but Eren went the extra mile. He went all by himself, killing the kidnappers and ultimately saving Mikasa.

While being saved, Eren was almost going to get killed, which was when she awakened the “Ackerman powers” which fuelled her ability to kill and to know exactly what was to be done.

After killing her kidnappers and avenging her parents, she was distraught yet she knew what happened and why.

Her orphancy was short, as she was adopted by the Yeagers who took care of her like their own.

2. When She Saved Eren From His Bullies

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Mikasa has been a talented and strong woman since a young age. Her abilities took her far and benefited her in every situation.

One of the best moments was when she saved Eren from his bullies.

Eren is a passionate and headstrong protagonist who is often bullied for his interests.

While Eren is a righteous man, he can be quite naive. Fighting off three bullies by yourself is hardly a cakewalk.

Thus, whenever he is in a fight and seems to be losing, Mikasa saves the day.

If she’s in their field of vision, they run away. That is the extent of her power.

3. When She Put Some Sense Into Eren

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It’s pretty clear throughout the series that Eren feels strongly about the annihilation of Titans and becoming a soldier no matter what.

When Wall Maria was under attack, Eren and his friends were young and helpless.

He also lost his mother as she was eaten by a Titan. This triggers him and snaps at everyone who doesn't understand the gravity of the situation.

While they were training to become a part of the Survey Corps, Eren was angry and argued with pretty much anyone who challenged his way of thinking.

In the end, Mikasa had to put some sense into him that he should be focused on his goal and nothing else.

Eren wouldn't be where he was without Mikasa by his side.

4. When She Saved the Citizens

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Mikasa is a good fighter, not only with the 3D Maneuvering Equipment but also hand-to-hand combat.

She’s agile and a swift killer. One of her best fight moments was seen when she killed the Titans that invaded the Walls.

She saved the citizens who were about to be consumed by the man-eating giant humanoids that were absolutely terrifying.

On that note, we can rely on Mikasa to save the day with her tactfulness and her fighting skills.

As a soldier of the Survey Corps, she had to put her life on the line. Her job is to kill the Titans and she does it well.

5. When She Went Against the Female Titan

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When the Female Titan first appeared, not only did it astonish the Survey Corps, but also the fans.

Who was this mystery Titan who knew exactly what to do while being attacked?

Furthermore, it seemed impossible to capture her, much less understand her goal.

Luckily, a brave fighter like Mikasa did her best to fight the Female Titan. She managed to fight her off but still could not defeat her.

With the help of her squad, they managed to somehow injure the Female Titan enough to escape away alive.

With the Female Titan crushing humans like they were grapes, their only option was to run.

6. When She Fought the Merchants

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There is no end to human greediness and this was shown in the series.

One of Mikasa’s best badass moments was when she fought off the merchants who blocked the path to safely run away from the Titans.

Mikasa being the badass that she is, totally beat them up for causing a disruption.

In the end, it’s not only about fighting Titans as a soldier, it is about creating justice and a peaceful environment that the people within the Walls so desperately strive to have.

7. When She Saved Historia and Her Squad

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An unexpected circumstance got Historia, Connie, Jean, and the others to stay in the tower which was ambushed by dozens of Titans.

It is almost impossible to fight or kill Titans unless they have their gear.

While they endured the ambush, they knew they couldn’t survive the crumbling of the tower or the Titans.

But Mikasa and the rest of the Survey Corps stepped in at the right time the next morning and saved Historia and the rest of the squad from getting eaten by the Titans.

8. When Mikasa Saves Eren from Reiner and Bertholdt

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Reiner Braun and Bertholdt's actual identities and knowing where their loyalties lie was one of the most unforeseen plot twists of the AOT series.

Amidst the chaos, their ultimate goal was to get Eren on their side.

Unfortunately for them, with Eren comes Mikasa. No matter what and where Mikasa fights till she drops so she can save Eren.

After saving Historia and the squad, she slit Reiner and Bertholdt’s throats who released Eren from their clutches.

In the end, that created more chaos but they learned of their actual goals.

9. When She Fought the Anti-Personnel Squad

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The Anti-Personnel Squad is a group of MP’s led by Kenny Ackerman.

When the Survey Corps learned the secrets of the Military Police and Paradis, they became their enemies.

In a desperate attempt to save Eren from the clutches of Rod Reiss, they had to fight Kenny and his squad.

As a soldier who trained to fight Titans, this was a real test as they had to fight humans and possibly not kill them.

In the end, they won against Kenny and his squad but at a price that put them in grave danger. Everything went downhill from then on.

10. When She Took Down the Armoured Titan

a military personnel killing the huge creature

It is never easy fighting Titans unless you're an Ackerman like Mikasa.

If there’s one thing about her that we love, it is that she knows right from wrong and fights to do the right thing.

While fighting the Armored Titan, she didn't hold back, even though it was her own friend.

In the end, fighting for the greater good means making sacrifices that are unexpected and necessary.

This was also one of the most epic Mikasa fight moments of the AOT series.