Mila's Relationship with Yuri, Georgi & Sara Explained

Mila's Relationship with Yuri, Georgi & Sara Explained

Mila Babicheva is the secondary character in Yuri!!! on Ice.

She is a ladies’ singles skater and the only female figure skater training under Yakov.

Her name in Slavic means “gracious” or “dear”.

Her Japanese voice actor is Mari Doi and her English voice actor is Monica Rial.

Mila is third in International Ladies’ Singles Skating; ranked above Sara Crispino.

She was revealed to have been dating an ice hockey player.

They broke up before 4th episode.

Mila Babicheva is a tall young woman with a petite stature.

She has auburn-colored wavy chin-length hair with an undercut.

Mila has deep blue eyes and is often seen wearing pink lip gloss.

Mila is mostly seen wearing training outfits throughout the series.

Her training outfit is a black long-sleeved top that comes halfway to her waist paired with black pants and pink gloves.

She is not shown in any performance outfit throughout the season, nor is any performance displayed.

Yuri Plisetsky

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Mila is often seen teasing Yuri but at the same time supporting him.

They have a close relationship. So much so that Yuri calls her “old hag” but also trusts her enough to follow her guidance.

They have a good friendship as seen when Yuri reveals that Mila had beaten up her ex-boyfriend, an ice hockey player when she found out that he was cheating on her.

Mila Babicheva and Yuri Plisetsky’s interaction is as fun as watching siblings fight.

On an occasion, Mila even lifts Yuri above her head.

Georgi Popovich

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Mila and Georgi is skater under Yakov Feltsman. Also, they are rink mates.

Mila teases and jokes about his short program at the Cup of China.

She also knows a lot about Georgi’s personal life.

Mila knew about Gerogi’s breakup with his girlfriend Anya.

Sara Crispino

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Mila and Sara are competitors in Ladies’ Single Skater.

However, both of them seem to be on good terms.

In the anime, they are seen sitting together during Men’s Free Skate at Rostelecom Cup.

She seems concerned when Sara starts crying during her brother, Michele Crispino’s performance.

Mila Babicheva and Sara Crispino have proceeded to the Grand Prix Final Ladies’ program.

She is a caring person who also loves to tease people she is close to.

Mila was also present at the Sochi GPF banquet where Yuri Katsuki got drunk and started a dance battle.

She took photos of Yuri Katsuki pole dancing.

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