Mimosa Vermillion: The Flower Girl of Black Clover

Mimosa Vermillion: The Flower Girl of Black Clover

Mimosa Vermillion is a member of the Golden Dawn. She is also a part of the royal family of House Vermillion, one of the prominent royal families in the Clover kingdom. A user of plant magic, she uses her magic attribute not only for defense but also for attack purposes.

Unlike the other royals, she does not have a contemptuous attitude toward common people. She is a well-mannered and friendly girl who unlike her narcissistic brother does not discriminate based on social status. Mimosa is Noelle’s cousin but she never bullied her for her lack of control over magic in childhood.

From using her recovery magic just for healing other people to using it as a means of attack, there has been a substantial amount of growth in her. Here are some of the key features of the flower girl of the series.

1. Mimosa Vermillion Uses Recovery Magic to Heal Wounds

women using recovery spell to heal her cousin

Mimosa Vermillion uses her recovery magic to heal wounds and injuries. The first glimpse of this magic is seen in the dungeon arc. This is also where Asta and Mimosa meet for the first time in the series. She uses her Recovery Magic to heal herself and she also heals Asta when he gets wounded.

Using this magic leaves her defenseless but it is life-saving at times for the injured ones. She uses this magic also when she tries to heal Captain Fuegoleon after he was attacked in the royal capital arc.

Healers are an integral part of any team. So, Mimosa Vermillion is the backbone of her team. Whether it will be a victory or a loss, depends a lot on the medical ones of the team.

2. Mimosa Vermillion Uses Spells to Pinpoint One’s Location

women using magic to pinpoint locations

Mimosa Vermillion’s spell, magic flower guidepost allows her to create a 3-D blueprint of her surrounding area. This blueprint shows the location of people and places nearby and gives the added advantage of more amount of intel.

This spell was first seen in the dungeon expedition arc and is seen in other instances of the show also. After becoming more powerful, this spell will be quite helpful for completing difficult missions.

3. Offensive Spells to Attack Enemies

a women during the fight

At the beginning of the show, she uses recovery spells and spells which are particularly on the defense side. But from the royal knight's arc, she uses her plant magic for attack purposes as well. Plant magic for recovery purposes is a very gentle use of magic.

But during the royal knight's arc, she uses offensive spells like magic cannon flower. It was a match between two teams where her teammates were Asta and Zora. The opposing team consisted of Curtis Wolne of the Silver Eagles, Rick Cornell of the Coral Peacocks, Forti Griss of the Crimson Lions.

Mimosa Vermillion gets stronger in terms of offensive moves during her training in the Heart Kingdom. Her amount of growth is seen when Vanica, one of the members of the dark triad invades the Heart kingdom. Mimosa fights against the disciple Roberto who is immortal due to one of Vanica’s curses.

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