5 Cute Moments of Miyamura and Hori

5 Cute Moments of Miyamura and Hori

Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura are the two main stars in Horimiya.

The ultra-popular Kyoko Hori seems to be a frivolous high-school girl, but in reality, she’s a simple, family-oriented person.

On the other hand, Izumi Miyamura is an average, gloomy high school boy, but he’s actually an attractive young boy covered with tattoos and piercings, and having a bad-boy streak.

When Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura had a random encounter outdoors, an adorable sweet tale begins.

Its manga version became a huge hit among youngsters, and now the anime series is grabbing more attention due to its beautiful art style.

1. Don’t want to show your true self to others

couple having a deep conversation

In episode 1, when Hori wants to purchase the limited-time sale eggs with no purchase limit, the next day in school she’s actually informed to attend the committee meeting.

She orders Miyamura to purchase those eggs when there were only 20 minutes left to end that sale.

When he hurriedly takes a shortcut, Yuki, the best friend of Hori actually sees Miyamura’s true self.

When Miyamura explains this situation to Hori, she says that she doesn’t want anyone else to see Miyamura like this.

Miyamura says the same thing to Hori. This is when both of them blush crazily.

2. I love you, Hori-san

miyamura confessing to hori

When Hori was sick and unable to attend school, Miyamura took care of her.

Often in her childhood, whenever Hori was sick, she was left alone without anyone taking care of her.

This time when she sees Miyamura, she clings to him saying not to leave her.

This is when Miyamura confesses to Hori saying he loves her and this feeling was generated a long time ago.

When he left, suddenly Hori’s fever vanished and she got excited to hear his confession because she was already fallen in love with him.

3. He’s my boyfriend, so what, any problem?

hori and kyousuke

The next day when Hori’s dad i.e. Kyousuke visits their house, he finds Miyamura quite interesting because his actions resemble Kyousuke’s a lot.

When he asks Hori whether Miyamura is her boyfriend or not, that time both of them blushed and Miyamura was expecting the answer to his confession at that moment.

Hesitantly she didn’t know what to answer but, bingo, Hori said that Miyamura is her boyfriend.

4. Holding hands

Miyamura and Hori holding hands

After meeting her dad, that night, when Miyamura was returning home, Hori accompanied him.

She suddenly holds his hands which surprises him and also makes his heart race.

They can feel the warmth of their hands which is enough to melt their hearts.

When they reach his house she bids him goodbye, but Miyamura suddenly stops her and thanks her.

That time Hori’s heart was beating crazily and they see off each other.

When she runs back to her house, Miyamura was blushing and is astonished to feel how Hori’s heart was beating insanely.

5. Dummy Izumi

both the characters arguing with each other

In episode 5, when Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura were studying together, Souta’s (younger brother of Hori) friend Izumi was going to visit their house.

Hori murmurs when Izumi is visiting their house, Miyamura was staring at her constantly.

She was confused to see him staring and then laughs after knowing the situation.

She didn’t mean him, she was saying about Souta’s friend.

Actually, Miyamura was expecting to hear his name through her mouth.

She says he is a dummy, a Dummy Izumi, and blushes like crazy.

Miyamura is blushed and says his name doesn’t start with Dummy.

Their hearts beat crazily at that moment.

There are more adorable moments of Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura. Watch Horimiya and experience them all.

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