6 Hilarious Moments That Made Us Love Gojo Satoru Even More

6 Hilarious Moments That Made Us Love Gojo Satoru Even More

Gojo Satoru, the silly, mysterious, overpowered mentor-type character (totally not Kakashi), has taken the popularity polls by storm.

He is a teacher at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College. He is a tall, attractive man with an impeccable sense of style and his fights are a spectacle to behold.

Let’s take a look at some of the funniest moments featuring the strongest sorcerer of the Jujutsu Kaisen universe.

1. His First Appearance on Screen

Gojo arrives at Sugisawa Third High School to check up on Megumi, sent on a mission to retrieve Sukuna’s finger, a special grade cursed object.

There he discovers Megumi in a roughed upstate. His first reaction to the situation is to take photos of a badly injured Megumi.

This, he intends to show to other Jujutsu Tech students later.

When Megumi asks where he’d been all this time leaving such an important mission, Gojo explains he went to get some snacks.

His tendency to inject humor into the most high-stake situations sets the tone for Gojo’s nonchalant character for the rest of the series.

2. When He Tricked Nobara and Yuji

When Kugisaki Nobara arrives in Tokyo to join Jujutsu Tech, Gojo along with Megumi and Yuji go to receive her.

He gets Nobara and Yuji all excited by planning a Tokyo trip. Both students are from the countryside and are naturally eager to explore Tokyo.

Gojo Satoru announces their destination “Roppongi” in a very pronounced exotic fashion. This lets Nobara’s and Yuji’s imaginations run wild.

However, upon reaching their destination our poor country folk realize they got played.

They were taken to Roppongi, but on a mission to exorcise curses, much to their disappointment.

3. Gojo and Nanami

Nanami Kento, a Jujutsu Sorcerer himself and Yuji’s mentor have been Gojo’s friend for a long time.

Their personalities however are like chalk and water. In contrast to Gojo’s frivolity, Nanami is a sincere, no-nonsense, straight-laced character.

He openly states how he does not respect Gojo Satoru as a person and avoids his company as much as he can.

Gojo on the other hand keeps annoying Nanami by initiating nonsensical conversations and pulling silly pranks on him.

4. Gojo and Itadori

Both Yuji and Gojo are incredibly strong people, the latter being the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer.

Yuji respects his mentor very much and is grateful to learn from him. Gojo in turn cares for Yuji quite a lot as he is fond of all of his students.

Both of them share great chemistry when it comes to the lighter moments of the show.

Gojo often tends to make the most outlandish proposals and remarks in the most inappropriate situations.

While it usually annoys others, Yuji is always ready to go along with whatever his sensei says. The comedic duo has given us some of the funniest moments of the show.

After a certain incident, Yuji is presumed to be dead by others. Gojo decides to keep it a secret for months until the Kyoto Sister school exchange event.

When the time comes for Yuji to finally meet his friends and reveal his not-so-dead status, his sensei proposes it should be a surprise.

What follows is a trainwreck causing some of the funniest Jujutsu Kaisen moments.

5. Gojo Satoru and Utahime

Utahime is one of the instructors at Kyoto Metropolitan Curse Technical college.

Joining the long list of people annoyed at Gojo’s antiques, she often lashes out at him for not being respectful or for not taking things seriously.

Our fully adult troublemaker is of course fully aware of this and keeps provoking her even further in every single interaction.

This makes for some of the most enjoyable on-screen banter. Although it comes at the cost of poor Utahime being repeatedly ridiculed.

6. Gojo vs Jogo

It’s not just close colleagues and students that Gojo is playful with, it’s also his enemies. As displayed in his fight with Jogo, a cursed spirit and one of the antagonists on the show.

Gojo kept playing and flirting with his target during the entirety of the fight, giving us many of his most iconic moments so far.

He even took off in the middle of the fight to bring Yuji on the scene, only to announce Yuji is just there to watch.

It is unclear whether Gojo Satoru was deliberately provoking his enemy to make him lower his guard down or if he was just being his usual self.

Whatever may be the case, he is one of the best-written characters of Jujutsu Kaisen, and we are here to enjoy every moment of it.