Mori Jin's Abilities and Relationships with other GoH Characters

Mori Jin's Abilities and Relationships with other GoH Characters

The God of Highschool is one of the most famous webtoons. Mori Jin is the main protagonist of the GoH series. Mori Jin’s other famous aliases are Son Wukong, Jecheondaeseong, and Son Oh Gong. He’s a very likable character and my favorite from the series. Let’s find out more about Mori Jin. Also warning for potential spoilers ahead!

Mori Jin is a carefree person who is always eager to fight. He was undefeated until Executive R and Jin had a duel. It was Executive R who invited him to take part in the G.O.H tournament.

During the first season, he is a 17-year-old high school student. In the beginning, he had no reason to win but later his motivation changed. He wanted to win the tournament to find his grandfather. The Nox captured His grandfather Jin Taejin.


Mori Jin uses Re Taekwondo. He is able to copy his opponents’ movements and use them perfectly. His muscle memory makes it possible for him to learn new martial arts techniques after seeing them once. He copies Han Daewi’s Blue Dragon and developed his own Jin Mo-Ri Original: Blue Dragon’s Kick.

mori jin re taekwando

Mori Jin has superhuman strength, speed, and high endurance. He has high analytical skills, and observation skills and is a good strategist. Finding a martial arts weakness and coming up with countermeasures is also one of his specialties. This makes him one of the most powerful characters in the series.

mori jin

Jin has profound knowledge of pressure points and acupuncture skills. He has mastered Nabong Needle Ryu techniques. They allow them to remove his limiter and increase his speed and power.

His abilities get amplified when he is in his Monkey King form. The monkey king possesses many weapons like Yeoui, Geundoowun, and Gourd and it surely is the most powerful character.


Jin Taejin

Jin taejin

Jin Taejin adopted Mori Jin when he was a baby. He taught him the Re Taekwondo style. Jin’s grandpa is his only living relative. After his grandfather’s death, he lost control and became Mori Dan.

Han Daewi & Yoo Mira

dae hwi and mira

On the first day of G.O.H prelims, Jin met Yoo Mira and Han Daewi. The three of them teamed up to knock out a purse snatcher that they were chasing. Mori Jin is friends with Yoo Mira and Han Daewi. Han Daewi cares about him and he would go to any lengths to protect him.

In the beginning, Yoo Mira didn’t look favorably at Mori Jin. she was cold towards him and would hit him if he touched her sword. He accidentally knocked her sword but later he helped her find it, together with Han Daewi.

When Mira dropped out from the tournament to get married, he and Daewi crashed her wedding. They prevented her from getting married to that scum! From this point on Yoo Mira became close to him.

Park Ilpyo

God Of Highschool ilpyo & jin

They met once when they were kids. Jin Taejin asked Park Ilpyo to teach his grandson if they ever meet again. Ilpyo and Mori Jin were rivals in the tournament but later they became allies. Jin addresses him as ‘Hyung’ (older brother in Korean).



Uma and Mori Jin were sworn brothers in their past lives (The Monkey King). They fought together for centuries and rebelled against the heavens.

Mori Hui

mori hui

Mori Hui is one of Mori Jin’s clones. He trusts Mori Hui and left him to protect his friends. He acknowledges Mori Hui as more than a clone. Mori Hui protected Han Daewi and when Mori Jin arrived, he was enraged to find about his death. He declared the heavenly realm’s destruction will honor Mori Hui’s funeral.