10 Most Empowered Female Anime Characters Ever

10 Most Empowered Female Anime Characters Ever

The Anime universe is extremely popular and huge. Be it a Shonen, Shoujo, or slice of life, action, or adventure anime, female characters have left their strong presence. Let’s take a look at some of the popular female anime characters. Did your favorite character make it to the list?

10. Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki

The shinigami from Soul Society is the definition of funny and happiness. Rukia Kuchiki is one of the most popular female anime characters in the anime world and in the Bleach series. Her personality might seem weird and twisted, but she genuinely cares about everyone. Her weird drawings and extreme devotion towards his brother are commendable.

9. Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia

Fairy Tail’s Lucy Heartfilia is the prime definition of beauty and the brain. The celestial spirit wizard is beautiful, kind, and extremely loyal to her friends and guildmates. She would go to any extent to protect her friends.

Lucy is the key member of Team Natus and the most logical and sensible person on the team. Her out-of-the-box thinking makes her special and one of the most popular female anime characters in the shonen world.

8. Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura from CC

Sakura Kinomoto, the middle school student from the Cardcaptors series is still reigning as one of the most popular anime characters. Almost two decades old, the series still continues to be popular even now. she a cute anime character.

7. Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane in demon form

The caring big sister but with a satanic soul, Mirajane Strauss is one of the most coolest and popular female anime characters. Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail and S class wizard from the Fairy Tail guild. She has a mild and happy disposition and is liked by everyone around her. Mirajane is an interesting anime character.

6. Nico Robin

Nico Robin

Nico Robin from One Piece is an archaeologist and a devil fruit user who ate Hana Hana No Mi. This allows her to regenerate her body parts. She is part of Straw Hat Pirates and the 6th member to join the crew.

The Devil’s child is one of the most popular female anime characters in the Shonen world. Infamously known as the Light of the revolution, she was the only survivor from the Ohara islands. Nico Robin is a threat to the government and a valuable asset to the pirates.

5. Sakura Haruno

Sakura talking to Naruto

The hard-headed Kunoichi from Konoha has proved her worth throughout the series. Despite the hate attacks on her in the anime and Naruto Fandoms, Sakura Haruno is here to stay.

As a healer and hand-to-hand combat expert, she has given many tough fights to her adversaries. Her cheerful disposition and extreme loyalty make her one of the most likeable and popular female anime characters.

4. Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga

The Shy Kunoichi from the Hyuga clan is immensely popular in the anime world. Hinata Hyuga is known for her dedication and perseverance. In times of need, she took a stand and made Naruto come to his senses when the times called for it. Hinata is one of the most popular female anime characters.

3. Tsunade


Tsunade from Naruto is the definition of brute strength and immensely strong. The 5th Hokage is a tough opponent to fight and cannot be taken lightly. The legendary Sanin is extremely popular in the anime world.

2. Tohru Honda

tohru handa smiling

The kind and character Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket is one of the most popular female anime characters. She is a cheerful, sensible, mature, and responsible person who looks out for others. Tohru sympathizes with people and is extremely kind-natured. Her gentle nature is well-liked by everyone around her. Tohru Honda’s Positivism affects all the zodiac spirits and made them change.

1. Erza Scarlet

erza scarlet angry

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail is the top contender for the most popular female anime characters. She represents woman empowerment and displays a strong sense of justice and loyalty towards her guild and friends. She’s the embodiment of power and Justice.