5 Of The Most Epic Battles of Goku in ALL OF DBZ

5 Of The Most Epic Battles of Goku in ALL OF DBZ

Dragon Ball Z is one of the modern classics that one just cannot ignore. It is so famous that we’ve even got hand games, memes, and so much more. These top 5 Goku battles of Dragon Ball Z will blow your mind!

Dragon Ball Z undoubtedly is one of the best anime ever. It’s got everything you’d love in an anime- the action, the fights, the characters, and the humor. One of the best things about this anime is the character's power transformation. It really shows the milestones that the characters reached, especially Goku.

Goku is regarded as one of the most powerful characters in anime history ever. The famous male Saiyan’s power-ups were the result of rigorous and consistent training. Goku’s character was inspired by Son Goku (the Monkey King in the west from the Chinese novel Journey to the West).

He’s also a comical character who is compassionate and inspiring. He’s even turned enemies into allies. He is also very strong and his abilities are a level above the others, which makes it easy for him to defeat villains.

So, here are the top 5 Goku battles of Dragon Ball Z that blew our minds:

1. Goku vs Ginyu Force

Goku vs Ginyu Force

The Ginyu Force is an elite squad of the strongest warriors in the universe. The force comprises Burta, Jace, Raccoon, Gordo, and Captain Ginyu. Frieza calls the Ginyu force to find and retrieve the dragon balls from Vegeta who stole them from his ship.

The force was uncanny and comedic, while this gave them great character building and anticipation they were no less of excitement to the fans of the franchise. Vegeta on crossing paths with Gohan and Krillin was aware that he needed the help of the two to fight them off.

Saving Gohan and Krillin from the brink of death and helping Vegeta with the senzu beans, Goku quickly disposes of the Ginyu force. The fight though lasted quite a few episodes and bragged about Goku's newborn strength from his gravity training on his way to Planet Namek. Though Goku got his body stolen by Captain Ginyu during this fight the rest of this battle still stays in the hearts of the fans.

2. Goku vs Perfect Cell

Goku vs Perfect Cell

Despite Goku losing to Cell, this fight is among his top fights for Goku for one reason, Goku's intuition. The Cell fight was among the most thrilling and blood-boiling fights of the franchise.

Though Goku was weaker than Cell, there are moments in the fight where it is seen that Goku is quite capable of defeating Cell if not for his ability to regenerate and grow in strength on the damage.

Goku's smart intuition and surprise Kamehameha using the instant transmission all proved a sight to behold to the fans. Though the fight ended with Goku simply forfeiting the fight and letting Gohan fight with his hidden strength, fans enjoyed the battle though it was a sideshow.

3. Goku vs Buu

goku vs buu

The last battle of the franchise dragon ball Z. Goku vs Kid Buu (Buu’s most evil and final form) was out of this world. The fight ensued with Goku and Vegeta, two former rivals against a common foe.

The fight showed moments of excitement. Even a glimpse of Vegeta admitting to himself that Goku is better than him set fans into a sentimental state. The fight took an unusual route depicting true evil without a mind.

Vegeta sacrificed himself to buy Goku time to use the spirit bomb once again. Though Buu lost the fight the fans knew that had he been smart he would have been undefeated. This gave the franchise a never-seen side of Dragon Ball Z and a perfect ending to the franchise.

4. Goku vs Vegeta

goku vs vegeta

The battles between the rivals Goku and Vegeta are among the most loved fights in the dragon ball z franchise. While their rivalry fight during the Majin Buu saga was gripping, it is not on this list.

The fight which earns its right is the fight between the rivals on their first encounter with each other. Vegeta and his fellow warrior Nappa arrive on earth after receiving a message about the dragon balls over (Goku's brother) Raditz's transmitter.

The Z Fighters faced off with Nappa, the bald and ranging Saiyan. Nappa had rid of almost all of the Z fighters, only Gohan and Krillin remained. Goku quickly took care of Nappa, breaking Nappa's back in the process.

In pure desperation, Nappa held his hand and stretched out to his friend Vegeta for help. Vegeta claimed that Nappa was deadweight if he couldn't fight. The fight ensued between the two warriors and Vegeta outmatched Goku in brute strength. Goku couldn’t defeat him but Gohan did.

5. Goku vs Frieza

Goku vs Frieza

Goku vs Frieza was the most anticipated fight of Dragon Ball Z. Frieza at the time was the strongest in the universe. Goku fought the final form of Frieza after recovering from his fight with Captain Ginyu. The fight happened at blazing speeds and dragged on with Frieza toying with Goku.

Frieza used 10% of his true power while Goku was already using KO Kens 20 times. The fight seemed all but hopeless while, Piccolo, Gohan (Goku's son), and Krillin watched from the sidelines.

Goku realizing that he had no choice but risk it all plotted to use his most powerful attack in his arsenal the 'spirit bomb' an attack taught by King Kai. Unfortunately, the spirit bomb required an enormous amount of time to create and also for the user to stay completely still with his arms raised to the sky.

In the end, Frieza fell by his own attack splitting himself in half, Goku gave Frieza some of his power and attempted to leave the planet. The saga ends with the explosion of Namek.