10 Most Likeable Gintama Characters

10 Most Likeable Gintama Characters

Gintama is the fan-favorite longest-running comedy and parody anime. I love Gintama because of the many characters who are pleasant and strong to watch. The Gintama characters are loveable and relatable.

There are many characters in the anime series but I’ve picked the Top 10 characters that I found appealing. I don’t think I can pick one character over another. But here’s my attempt to create a list! Which character is your favorite? Let’s take a look.

1. Tsukuyo

Tsukuyo, the “Courtesan of Death” is a highly skilled ninja. She specializes in using kunai and is additionally the leader of the Hyakka.

Hyakka is an all-female squad and Yoshiwara’s protectors.

Tsukuyo gets involved with Gintoki and Yorozuya. She holds Gintoki in high regard.

Her character has a lot of depth and she had good character development.

2. Shinpachi

Shinpachi Shimura is part of our favorite Yorozuya trio. Kagura and Gintoki often tease him and call him Megane.

Megane means spectacles in Japanese. He is one of the characters in Gintama that you will love no matter what.

His selfless attitude and hard-working nature make him so likable.

3. Kagura

Kagura is the female protagonist in Gintama. She is from the Yato race, an Amanto race known for its strength.

The Yato race is vulnerable to heat and direct sunlight and it can be very potent for them.

She is extremely powerful and has rarely lost a fight. Gintoki and Kagura tease Shinpachi a lot. She is a kind-hearted and compassionate person.

As a character, Kagura is naïve and uses violence to solve problems.

Kagura and Okita often quarrel verbally. She joined Yorozuya after Shinpachi.

4. Gintoki

Sataka Gintoki is the infamous “Shiroyasha” who fought in the Joui war. Gintoki is a skilled samurai and a strong swordsman.

He founded the Yorozuya and now works with Kagura and Shinpachi.

Gin-san is friends with Zura and Takasugi since his childhood days. He loves reading jump comics and enjoys sweets, especially parfait.

Gintoki is the most powerful character in Gintama.

5. Hijikata

Hijikata Tosuhirou is the Vice-Commander of the Shinsengumi. Like Okita, Hijikata respects Kondo Isao a lot.

He and Okita don’t get along at all. Hijikata has a weird obsession with mayonnaise and he adds it to almost everything.

Also known as the Demonic Vice-Commander, he’s the brains of the Shinsengumi. He challenged Gintoki in the beginning, but he lost.

His split personality Toshi is an Otaku. Hijikita’s character is the definition of an ikemen.

6. Okita

Okita Sougo is a Shinsengumi member and the 1st division captain. He is one of the best swordsmen in the Shinsengumi.

Since Okita takes pleasure in hurting & humiliating others, he loves to torment Hijikata Toushirou throughout the series.

He is always at odds with Kagura but has an amicable relationship with Gintoki. Okita respects Kondo Isao and wants to take Hijikata’s position.

7. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is Katsura Kotaro’s Amanto pet and an ally. Karsura or Zura and Elizabeth have a close relationship.

Zura and Elizabeth get chased by Shinsengumi for their Joui activities.

Both of them are hilarious characters in Gintama. Although She never speaks, always communicates via writing.

In the series, we later find out that there are two Elizabeths. Elizabeth or Eren serves Zura on Mondays while the regular Elizabeth is Dragonia.

8. Takasugi

Takasugi Shinsuke is one of the prime antagonists in Gintama. He is a mysterious character who often operates from the background.

Takasugi served in the Joui war with Zura and Gintoki.

Takasugi formed the Kihetai which serves as a Joui faction to uproot the government and destroy Japan. His charismatic personality is one of his charms.

9. Katsura

Katsura Kotaru or Zura is the leader of the Joui rebels. He is childhood friends with Gintoki and Takasugi.

Katsura often acted as a mediator when Gintoki and Takasugi fought. Zura is a lovely character and my personal favorite.

Something about Zura is very appealing. His character may look silly and like an airhead but he is the strategist of his group.

Together with Elizabeth, they often use disguise to hide from the Shinsengumi.

As a child, he was a genius. He has a refined and beautiful appearance. Zura is very polite, creative, and a master tactician. His sword techniques are superior.

10. Kamui

Kamui is a mercenary from the Yato race. Kagura and Kamui are siblings.

He cared about his mother and sister but isn’t on good terms with his father.

Kamui is strong and looks forwards to a good fight with strong opponents.

Gintoki and Kamui fought, but he didn’t win. He was involved with Yoshiwara shortly. Takasugi ended up making Kamui his ally.

Well, In conclusion, Gintama has many exceptional and lovable characters.

Every character is worth mentioning. However, it’s difficult to select one character out of so many characters.

Their on-screen presence lights up my day. So which character do you like the most?! Watch now and discover your favorite character.

You can also watch Gintama on Netflix.

Thanks for reading!!!