Studio Ghibli’s 10 Most Unlikable Characters!

Studio Ghibli’s 10 Most Unlikable Characters!

One of the best movie universes is created by Studio Ghibli which presented fans with several memorable characters. While the list of Ghibli Characters are huge, some of the movie characters are the worst. They made us angry, and resent them and how we root for the good guys to win over them and bring us some inner piece. Although every Studio Ghibli Character is precious, some characters are just unlikable. Here are 10 of the most unlikable Studio Ghibli Characters that just annoy us for some reason or other.

10. Seita and Setsuko's aunt

a scene from grave of the fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies is one of the most emotional Studio Ghibli movies ever made. While the main protagonists Seita and Setsuko had a very hard time after their mother’s death, the children had no choice but to live with their aunt. Their aunt was harsh and only cared about her family.

One of the reasons why Seita and Setsuko's aunt is so unlikeable Studio Ghibli's character is because of how she treated the young children. To her, they were her source of income. She resented them and treated them badly making the kids run away from her. Not only that, their aunt was greedy and even asked Seita to sell his mother’s kimono for money.

9. Prince Arren/Lebannen

Prince Arren fighting

Tales from Earthsea was one of the disaster Studio Ghibli movies. The character Prince Arren (aka Lebannen) was the protagonist but fit the bill in the most unlikable character category.

Prince Arren may be just and right, but he did murder his own father. He is often prone to rage and sometimes the character’s actions didn’t make sense. You can’t seem to like him no matter what. Compared to him Lord Cob may be the antagonist but at least you can understand his actions and motivations.

8. Donald Curtis

curtis and his smile

Porco Rosso was one of the most entertaining and intriguing Studio Ghibli movies. Thanks to Marco Pagot aka Porco Rosso, the movie is quite memorable. Let’s not forget the main antagonist Donald Curtis who makes sure that his every action will make you dislike him.

He is cocky and thinks he can win against Porcos Rosso but in his dreams! Donald Curtis is a hopeless romantic who fell in love with Gina. Seriously, though who places a bet on a girl you like?! The man had big dreams and ambition but well, as for Gina, he can never dare!

7. Witch of the Waste

witch of the waste

Another unlikeable character from Howl’s Moving Castle is the Witch of the Waste. She is the one who cursed Sophie to become an old grandma. Although Witch of the Waste is beautiful, she is truly pitiful in the series.

She longed for Howl’s affection but never had it despite maintaining beauty from her magic and later met a tragic ending. Sophie took care of her when Witch of the Waste became powerless due to Madam Suliman.

6. Fujimoto

Fujimoto san with his wife

Ponyo is a great Studio Ghibli movie and we owe it to Fujimoto san as well. Although he’s not that bad, just a tad bit overprotective dad, he made it into the list of unlikeable characters for a reason. Ponyo’s father, Fujimoto lives underwater and despises the people humans.

He was very protective and overbearing restricting Ponyo. Well, caring is good but not to the point of wanting to harm others and micromanaging his daughter to control her actions. Fujimoto is nice but can be weird and extremely controlling. Cut Ponyo some slack, please! Onegai~

5. Madame Suliman

Madame Suliman

In the Studio Ghibli universe, Madame Suliman from Howl’s Moving Castle is a true antagonist. Madame Suliman is truly despicable and so unlikeable because she wanted to control Howl and others.

Madame Suliman served as the Royal sorcerer to the king. She was motivated to hunt down witches and wizards only to use them by cursing them. It was her who cursed Howl and even tried to harm Sophie when she went to meet her. Madame Suliman is ruthless and doesn’t like when things don’t go her way.

4. Haru

haru capturing arrietty

The main antagonist of The Secret World of Arrietty is Haru. Haru worked as a maid for Maki Sadako. The reason why Haru is a very unlikeable character is mostly because of her twisted perceptions and she even tried to kidnap Arrietty. Haru is paranoid and dislikes Arrietty and her kind.

She even locked Sho in his bedroom so he couldn’t help the borrowers. Even worse, she called pest control to get rid of the borrowers. Truly despicable of her to try to eliminate the borrowers because of her paranoia and weird perception.

3. Rikako Muto


If Ocean Waves were to be remade, ditch Rikako Muto and the movie would be a masterpiece. Honest opinion, Rikaki Muto was annoying to the core. There is not a single likeable thing about this character. Rikako Muto is selfish, self-centred, arrogant and wishy-washy.

She acts like a princess and wanted the world to revolve around her. Her actions caused her to ruin the friendship of Taku and Yutaka. Not only that she dragged Taku, but her actions also caused him great suffering. Nothing likeable about Rikako Muto who knows to sulk and do things that would benefit her.

2. The Cat King

cat king

The Cat Returns is one of the best Studio Ghibli movies and how can we forget the annoying and irritating Cat King? Haru saved the Cat King’s son and got herself into trouble when she should have been rewarded. The self-centred, evil and ruthless Cat King kidnapped Haru to force her to become his son’s cat bride.

When the prince declined to marry Haru informing him that he had someone he liked, the Cat King was outrageous and tried to forcefully marry Haru himself. thanks to Baron and Muta san, Haru escapes unscathed and returns back to her world.

1. Yubaba


If it isn’t the best movie by Studio Ghibli aka Spirited Away! We can never forget Harku and Chihiro but Yubaba is special. Well, hating Yubaba is natural because she makes sure to make others dislike her due to her unlikeable actions.

Trapping Chaihiro’s parents and stealing Haku’s name was one thing, trying to imprison Chihiro was another. Yubaba is overbearing and nothing like her twin sister Zeniba. She’s greedy and loves gold and is selfish to add to the list!

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